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Spotlight on Sonny Moorehouse

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Here is a brief interview we recently had with IML member Sonny Moorehouse.  If you have any other questions for Sonny, please feel free to send him a message!

1) When did you purchase or acquire your first Imperial?

I was dropping off my 71 Lincoln at the detailers shop when a car caught my eye. It was a 65 Chrysler Imperial in white. Something drew me to it, the lines, the stance needless to say I took it home.

2) What motivated you to purchase or acquire that car?

I was smitten by the Imperial and I took it for a test drive. I had to have it, the handling was incredible & the visibility was beyond belief. It fit like a glove. I am 6'2" so these cars were made for me

3) What, if any, restoration did you do to that car? How much of the work did you do personally? Did you have the help of a colleague or did you pay a restoration shop to do the work? Was there a combination of all of the above?

Yes it needed a lot. I got a new interior from two cars. A 64 coupe & another 65 4dr crown. I loved the buckets & the coupe was trashed except for the interior. I had some body work done & a new coat of Viper green paint. Oh and a set of 64 wheel covers. I put them on all of my Imperials.

4) Do you have any other Imperials that you currently own?

Yes my 66 crown 4dr. I also still have the 65 Crown, but it is my parts car now. I am not sure what I will do with it in the future, but for now it feels good transplanting parts to my new Imperial. Passing the torch you could say.

5) Do you have a favorite year Imperial? This does not have to be one you own, and why would this be your favorite?

Yes 66 It is to me the holy grail. It is the last of the body on frame Imperials. It is the final refinement of this body style, plus it has the most modern engine. The 440

6) Is there a style feature or gadget that you like best on the Imperial? This does not have to be one you own.

It has to be the instrument panel. It is so clean & neat it truly looks futuristic to me & the speedometer is so very cool.

7) If you had a choice of installing one modern day feature on your Imperial, what would you like?

I would have to say that I would go with fuel injection & a complete modernization of the engine bay

8) Is there a book that you have read relating to Imperial or Chrysler that you enjoyed reading and would suggest to others to get?

Not that I have seen

9) Do you have other collector cars that you currently own or would like to own, or have owned in the past that you would like to mention?

When I moved to Kentucky I sold off my collection. But I will buy these cars:
  • 71 Lincoln Mark
  • 70 Buick Riviera boattail
  • 70 Plymouth Duster
  • 70 Mustang
  • 66 Imperial Convertible
  • 67 Imperial Convertible
  • 68 Imperial Crown 4 door
  • 61 Imperial Crown 4 door

10) Considering all the collector cars youíve currently own or have owned, is there one that you would consider your favorite and why? (I strongly suggest you donít answer Cadillac as Iím sure Kenyon will tag your name on the membership list)

I would have to say the most enjoyment I have had with my autos has been with my Imperials. I met my wife while driving my 65, and have many fond memories that include my Imperial

11) Do you have any short term and/or long term plans for your present collection?

I am starting the restoration of my 66 4dr crown

12) What do you enjoy the most about working on or owning collector cars?

It is a truly rewarding & relaxing way to spend what little free time I get for myself

13) Do you currently belong to any car clubs? Are you a member because you gain knowledge of the trade or is it more of a social gathering?

Yes the Imperial club & WPC. I have found that Chrysler above all is my favorite car manufacturer. Along with the way in which they were constructed. I learn new things everyday & I try to help other Imperial owners when I can. It is truly rewarding to give advice & hear back about the positive results & the enjoyment of the car by others.

14) Do you have someone that you can pass your knowledge of collecting and restoring cars onto? How important of a factor is that for you?

My sons. It is very important they are the future of collector cars

15) Do you have any local, regional, or national car show(s) that you have enjoyed attending that you would like to mention?

I don't have time to attend

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