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Here is a brief interview we recently had with IML member Jack.  If you have any other questions for Jack, please feel free to send him a message!

1) When did you purchase or acquire your first Imperial?

In September of 2003.

2) What motivated you to purchase or acquire that car?

I desired a car of the near-oldest vintage persuasion that had air conditioning. While perusing the local want ads, this 1956 Imperial came up, and as it was only an hour ride from the homestead, a friend and I took the ride and at a glance, I was addicted. The fact it was a Hemi, was cream on top.

3) What, if any, restoration did you do to that car? How much of the work did you do personally? Did you have the help of a colleague or did you pay a restoration shop to do the work? Was there a combination of all of the above?

personally or did you have the help of a colleague or did you pay a restoration shop to do the work or was there a combination of all of the above?

I am a garage mechanic: good with the externals, not so good with the internals. Every car I buy I change every fluid, perform a complete tune-up, address any braking issues as well as doing whatever is necessary to make the car ride right in terms of front end/shocks/springs. I also buy on the body and interior as I feel mechanical's can always be addressed, and as both were in very good condition after doing the my 'regular' maintenance the only thing I have had to do is drive her.

4) Do you have any other Imperials that you currently own?

I also own a 1955 New Yorker [331 Hemi], which is a complimentary Plain Jane to my 1956 Imperial. Side-by-side they are clearly related and one can see the evolution of Exner's design in the model year change, and they show wonderfully that way.

5) Do you have a favorite year Imperial? This does not have to be one you own, and why would this be your favorite?

I would have to say it is the nascent Exner designs of the '55-'56 vintages for both power and design. Truly the only years when colors such as Turquoise or Desert Rose are carried off so stylishly and right!

6) Is there a style feature or gadget that you like best on the Imperial? This does not have to be one you own.

I have collected the Highway Hi-Fi system and many albums for my car and as well, the steering wheel clock radio. Although both need to be refurbished, I look forward to a future day of listening to one of the 16 2/3 playing albums and timing by the Benrus clock how long I listened while sitting at a show with friends.

7) If you had a choice of installing one modern day feature on your Imperial, what would you like?

I would have to say a CD and FM stereo retro-ed to the cars existing radio face [Yeah, I know who and I know how much], although a good old AM station on a fine country ride is a sweet trip into the past for me.

8) Is there a book that you have read relating to Imperial or Chrysler that you enjoyed reading and would suggest to others to get?

I really like the MTSC books, I have quite a collection relating to my '55-'56 cars and enjoy the casual read and easily acquired knowledge.

9) Do you have other collector cars that you currently own or would like to own, or have owned in the past that you would like to mention?

In addition to the '56 Imperial and the '55 New Yorker, I also own a 1968 Chrysler 300 convertible with the 440/727 combination, a/c, center console, p/w, p/b and more stock power than a man could want.

10) Considering all the collector cars youíve currently own or have owned, is there one that you would consider your favorite and why? (I strongly suggest you donít answer Cadillac as Iím sure Kenyon will tag your name on the membership list)

I would have to say that any car I own at that given moment is a favorite, though a baby muscle MoPar is in the cards down the road.

11) Do you have any short term and/or long term plans for your present collection?

Long day and overnight trips as the children grow up and maybe even leave ;}

12) What do you enjoy the most about working on or owning collector cars?

I love to climb under the nooks and crannies of the car to change the oil and grease the cars up: nothing like a favorite oceanside ride made mentally smoother and quieter with fresh grease and oil!!!

13) Do you currently belong to any car clubs? Are you a member because you gain knowledge of the trade or is it more of a social gathering?

I belong to the OIC, The New Yorker Online Club, Mopar C-Body, Allpar and AACA; but it is our club, for I feel this group is truly more than a club, that is the by far the class of the Internet options and I am very proud to own an Imperial and to be a small part of this group.

14) Do you have someone that you can pass your knowledge of collecting and restoring cars onto? How important of a factor is that for you?

No factor in personally owning them and I will only hope that my offspring continue to show genuine interest the the cars, otherwise, I am but a steward for the next lucky owner.

15) Do you have any local, regional, or national car show(s) that you have enjoyed attending that you would like to mention?

Nothing more than mentioning to fellow member's that I so very much enjoy the banter here and have enjoyably met some of you in person, and as I age and travel this great country that I look forward to meeting more of you and enjoying the camaraderie of our cars and your hospitality!

You can read more about Turq, Jack's 1956 Imperial here

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