1960 Imperial Body-Plate Decoding Tips

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From Dietmar: 

Decoding a Swiss-assembled Imperial:

I found a plate in my Imp's glove-box which Chrysler historical department could not explain.

The vehicle number is 9204113772.

Can anybody else help?

From Brett:

"9" = Imperial (Y used in '65)
"2" = Crown (1=Custom, 3=LeBaron)
"0" = 1960 model year (1=1961 etc.)
"4" = Warren Avenue Plant (all Imperials and only Imperials from 1959 to 1961 were made at the Warren avenue plant)

Remaining six digits are production numbers beginning with 100,001. So, this was the 13,772 Imperial (or Chrysler) made for 1960.

There should be a plate on the radiator support (on the passenger side, facing the front) that has a bunch of numbers all over it. That plate's code will tell you the original inside & outside colors of the car.

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