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From R M Tuggle:

I called them and asked if they had a hood for a '68 Fairlane and they said they did. I gave them my credit card number and they said they would get it right out. After waiting about two weeks for it to arrive and looking for it on my credit card statement. There was nothing so I called them back and they said they didn't have one, but they said if they got one in they would charge my card and send it to me without contacting me first. I didn't like this option. I told them to call me if they got one then I would ok them to charge it and ship it. They didn't like my option. They said it would go to the next person in line if I wasn't on file. Needless to say I found one closer to me and a whole lot cheaper. I recommend that if you live near them it may be worth it to deal with them in person, but I have found stuff a lot cheaper on the internet A LOT CHEAPER.

From Kyle:

I ordered a K frame bolt for a '79 Dodge Aspen. I needed it quick so I asked about rush delivery. I was pleased to hear that since the part was so small, they could ship it that day, and it would probably arrive by the end of the week. So I didn't bother with the rush delivery. Three weeks later, when it had not arrived, I had to order another one from Wildcat which arrived promptly, and was 2/3 the price. The frame bolt from Desert Valley never did show up, but I paid for it.

From Chris:

A friend of mine ordered a pair of fenders from them for his 1972 Dodge Charger, he received a pair from a 1973 Dodge Charger, to the untrained eye they look the same, but there are several small differences so they wouldn't fit his car, they charged him something like $125 a piece for shipping, so trial and error on parts can get very expensive, very quickly, also they were supposed to be rust free, they looked fine until he chipped the bondo out of the rust holes....let the buyer beware--just because you buy the parts in Arizona doesn't mean the car didn't spend 30 years in Illinois...

From Ron:

I've used DVAP over the years and frequently walk through their facility to check inventory. Their pricing varies on where they are shipping to and the overall availability of what you are looking for.

From David:

I have purchased some sheet metal from them for a '65 Wildcat convertible that we were restoring a few years back. I had someone go over and check out the donor car. I was pleased to receive absolutely rust free -dent free items. Shipping can be pricey.

From Roger:

I sent them a wish list of parts about 6 weeks ago. Their website says that they'll get back to you if they have the parts for sale. Guess in my case they don't, because no reply.

From Ron V.:

I have used them on several occasions and have been quite satisfied. Nothing is FREE, but quite satisfied!


From Randy:

I ordered a left front door glass for my '73 from them last year. It was shipped promptly and arrived damage free. Unfortunately, it was the wrong glass (mine has power vent windows-this glass was for one without). I called them and they said they would be glad to refund the purchase price after I sent the glass back. It took me about three weeks and many phone calls after I sent it back to finally get the refund credited to my account. This was my only experience with them so it may not be typical. As always, caveat emptor!

From Carmine:

"OK" is about the best I'd say for them. Prices are high, service is poor... But if it's your last resort????


From April:

I sent my father in law to Desert Valley to shop some 67 300 sheetmetal.  Not only did they have all the parts, they sold him a donar car that when it showed up, he built theirs and used his for parts. Shipping is always high anywhere you go but he got more than what he paid for and won't shop anywhere else.


From Ryan:

I have spent a lot of money with the them and even plained family vactions to there yard, I have had few bad experence's, but in the end they have alway's made it write. Not to mention that every time I have called them they have always treated me like a freind which is why I will always use them first. They dont have everything but there a start.


From Bill:

I live in Az. I have visited and bought several parts from this company. Great product and good pricing. They have always been very helpful and would recommend this company for quality parts.


From Franklyn:

I recently ordered a fender for my '73 gran torino sport, the price was right, and shipping was reasonable. Since I live in central Pennsylvania. It took about 2 weeks, and I was pleased at the condition of the fender, no rust, no dents...AWSOME! Great doin' business with DVAP


From Dave:

ordered trim for a 1966 IMPALA wagon and recieved bel air trim. obvious diference that a average chevy guy should have noticed. but recieved full refund and have found good parts there. reasonably priced for rare wagon parts.


From J. R. Nice:

Posted my request for my part on line - 65 Falcon wagon cargo floor. DVAP responded with a quote of $400 + shipping. Stated it would be rust free and cut past factory seems. Shipping was another $250. Shipped a week after account was debited. After it arrived, inspection disclosed several patches of rust which was cratered pretty well. I called and it was explained that it was not rusted through. I was pretty sure sandblasting would result in pinholes. It did. It may have been worth something but it certainly wasnt worth $650. I wont recommend them.


From Tom:

I have bought alot of parts from them in the the past 10 yrs. or so. I live in the area & they always send you out into the yard to find what you want. Yard guys don't destroy the part when they remove it. A little pricey, maybe but a good deal if you have a 30+ yr.old car & live in the area.


From Bill:

I have restored many cars using parts from them, and everytime has been a good experience. Like any company I there have been a few problems, but they have always taken care of them and made me a happy customer. The comments I see about people getting ripped off is probably B.S. because these guys have been in business for 14 years. I doubt thev'e been around that long by ripping people off. I would recommend them to anyone, they have made me a customer for life and made my restoration shop a sucess for the past 10 years. Thumbs up to these guys.


From Jason McClure:

Hello everyone, My name is Jason McClure. I am the owner of Desert Valley since its creation in 1993. I am glad this web site has continued on strong for as long as it has. I browse every 6 months or so to get a progress report on my company.A few facts need to be revealed to your members. First Hidden Valley is not the biggest in the SW. We are the biggest in the nation.Hidden Valley Auto downsized from 120 to 10 acres,as they fell victim to the crazy economic sprawl in Phoenix. We purchased Wisemans auto in 2005. Combined DVAP encomposes 128 acres.Additionally,newbies to the site must be warned that the testimonials arevery old or dated.Times have changed and so has the industry.The recent growth of channels such as E-BAY has eliminated most competition. At the end of the day nothing can compare to that first time a father takes his son out for a day at the JUNK YARD.This can't be acheived at the foot of a keyboard.We have experienced the growth sprawl for the past 13 years.A half dozen changes of address and never have we crushed a car that wasn't 1/2 way in the grave. I could have made a fortune on my property. Instead we absorbed the enormous cost of transporting 5000 plus dismantaled classic American art to their next retirement home. I am a hobbiest. If I was involved with this industry for strictly profit, I would've taken my money on the first real estate transaction and ran. Instead I decided to spend what fortune people thought I made to keep Desert Valley not only in bussiness but in Phoenix.You make the call. Pay the extra dollar. Feel entirely comfortable with your decision to remedy your restoration needs.Our warranty has covered all transactions since day one. I challenge any one who actually got ripped off.Your site is a great tool. I hope this testimonial is given a chance. Not only is it from the heart, its from the top. The industry, hobby, and enthusiests deserve at least that.
Thank You in advance,
Jason McClure
Desrt Valley Auto Parts June/2007


(8 Feb 2008) From Greg Angst:

I purchased a 1970 chevelle as a donor car from DVAP in 2000 for parts, but it was in much better shape than my original car that I was restoring. I am restoring the donor car and using parts off my original car. The car was rust free. I am looking at getting more parts from them in the near future.


(14 Apr 2008) From Dave:

I went to Desert Valley Auto and Salvage to see if they had parts for my 1965 Dart and they had EVERYTHING I needed and more. They had TONS of Mopar parts, with great deals. They exceeded my expectations! I was very impressed and happy with this salvage yard. I am a customer for life!!! -Dave


(14 Apr 2008) From Joe R.:

I recently went to Desert Valley to get some parts for my Dart and I was so surprised at the inventory they had. They had tons of Mopar stuff. They gave me a great deal on my parts and were pleasent to deal with. I am a customer for life!! Thanks Desert Valley Auto Salvage. - Joe R.


(9 Jun 2010) From James Vicsik:

I just called(6/9/2010)for some parts for a 75 Imperial.I was told I had to place an order including my credit card # before they would even go "LOOK" to see if they had what I needed,He said he didnt go out into the yard for "nothing".I saved him a trip because I'll never buy "nothing" from them.


(12 Oct 2010) From Jim Marchant:

Don't waste your time going here! We sent in a parts order, by mail,with an e-mail address for their reply. After three weeks,nothing....sent an e-mail requesting information, received one line, "we can't help". We sent an e-mail to DVAP owner, Jason McLure, who asked us to resend the order, which we then faxed to his attention. Three weeks later,we still haven't heard a word. Obviously, unless it's a big ticket item, or you're in the area to locate your own pieces, they couldn't care less!


(23 Feb 2011) From Dave Mayer:

Apparently the TV show is more important than customer service. After waiting over a month for some very small parts to arrive from them, we had to go elsewhere. Non-existant customer service.


(28 Feb 2011) From Patrick Wilemon:

Recently retired. Will be restoring old Chevy/GMC trucks. Will need a steady parts supplier for factory options I wish to add onto vehicles to enhance the value and for show. Called the toll free number today. Was told instantly that they didn't have what I was looking for. Out of the thousands of vehicles they have, I felt like they could have taken my phone number or email address and let me know when they found what I was looking for. Employee was not rude, just not helpful. Will look for someone who will appreciate my business.


(22 Aug 2011) From Butch Cabrone:

I actually stumbled across the DVA website, and it perked my interest for obtaining the parts i needed to help my project along. I read the reviews and some of them were horry stories. I am one that will usually overlook negative comments, because they are not my personal experience. I contacted DVA using their contact us section and within 3 days received a response from Dave. He was very interested in helping me find what i needed. I placed an order and within another 2 days my parts were located. I paid for them on the credit card and had the parts within 36 hours. Not too shabby! My review therefore is extremely positive and I will definitely order from DVA again. They are therefore, prompt, courteous and keep their word and give you what you ask for. Well done DVA and thank you!


(22 Dec 2011) From Frank Mannarin:

Wish i never called them, they just wasted my time, they charged my credit card and never shipped them, well they said they did three times,then they didnt have one of the 2 parts so i would get a reinburstment of partail shipping, but still didnt get what i needed so had to dispute charge with credit card company.


(3 Jan 2012) From Bob Mac Dowell:

I ordered a dent, rust free trunk lid from them they told me they had one.I asked how much with shipping they told me $300+. I said send it and gave them my credit card number. soon I received the lid and it was rust free but had been slammed in the rear before shipping. I got an estimate to repair it and contacted them. The man on the phone told me they would take care of it.When my next credit card statement came it had a $103.00 added to it by them. I called them and they said that was for shipping. Remember I asked for the price with shipping! I said that it should be a credit for the dented lid I received. They said they would look into it and call me back. They never called so I called them again and again--no one knew anything about it. Months went by with me calling several times.I could not get any satisfaction from anyone there. Finally after more than a year 2 of my friends were in the area so they stopped and inquired in person for me.They told that they were very indigant too them but have me call so and so. I do not want to name anyone. So I called while they were still in the store. This so and so told me they do not offer dent free sheet metal. Remember I requested dent free! Also they do not refund any money only give credit on something else. He said they would give credit on something else. But I do not need anything else so Tough.You will get a runaround which took over 2 years and end up with nothing. I located a dent and rust free one on E bay for $25.00 and drove over 200 miles and picked it up and am using it. My recomendation is look around and you will find it for a better deal. This place is only a last resort and you probably won't get the condition you want. I was doing a 100 point car.


(15 Feb 2012) From Colin Breeze:

I am an English guy who has tried to puchase goods from Desert Valley autos and watching the first showings of the TV series here in England. They certainly come over as your friend next door type, however my dealings with have been vastly less than honest..I paid for parts on my credit card having been told 'yes sir we have those parts for your 69 Ford Fairlane' however after several weeks and numerous expensive calls from the UK to USA, waiting for the parts I was told told no these parts are not availble and by the way you should not go by our picture gallery of part cars as these can be 3 years out of date. After another six expensive calls to get the money back onto my credit card they finally took 8 weeks and a warning correspondance from my card company to get the money owing to me. all in all I am now out of pocket to the tune of 150 ($300)and a lasting impression if I had not have chased for my money back, Desert valley were hoping I just go away...A very bad taste has been left without the courtesy of an apology...a very different pasona to that shown on TV. Very dishonest company.


(12 Mar 2012) From John Evans:

This place should be avoided at all cost- they cannot be up front about anything- they told me they had the three parts I needed- it took three weeks to ship- then when I finally received the parts (which were actually worse than the ones I was replacing) one part was missing- when I called to tell them that the one part was missing- I told them to give me a credit-(as they charged my credit card 2 weeks before they actually shipped the part) Well- they managed to make the credit they made to equal a larger amount than the original shipping price they quoted-bottom line: SCAM ARTIST! Save your self the aggrivation and do WHATEVER you can to buy somewhere else!!!


(18 Dec 2012) From Max Glenn:

stay away theese guys are bad news gave them a sizable list of parts greg seemed like he was put out to take the order charged my credit card in excess of 4100 dollars for parts and shipping they held my money for almost ninety days and was lied to several times about shipping dates when the shippment arrived it was damaged only two parts with an approximate value of 600 dollars were kept the rest was refused the damaged parts looked like they were packed buy monkeys got refund of less than 1800 dollars what a scam charge some on for some thing be rude lie to them hold the money for almost three months ship damaged goods and give them half there money back brilliant bussiness strategy


(23 Dec 2012) From Kevin Aloha:

Tried to order parts for a chevelle wagon talked to a bunch of other people all of them gave me diffrent prices on the part with out even looking at it gave them my card number and all they gave me was the run around then called me to say it wasnt avaliable would never recommend them to any one


(17 Apr 2013) From Nolan Armpriester:























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