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From Paul:

I have purchased many parts for my '62 Imperial from Bob. He is a great resource, and is very good to do business with.


From Kenyon:

Bob Is easy to deal with and my transaction with him was a good one. He's a great resource for an Imperial owner to have.


From Clark:

I ordered a gas tank from Bob Hoffmeister and received it on time and for a reasonable price. The tank was as advertised and is now on my 1966 Imp.  I would recommend him.

From Jeff:

I just wanted to say a BIG thank you to Bob Hoffmeister for fixing me up with a replacement back window for my 57 Imperial which I picked up today. Bob also showed me some of his "stable" and was most helpful! I got the back window in within an hour of getting home and now my 57 is whole again! Thanks Bob!


From Rich:

Bob bent over backward for me. He knew I was in a jam, and needed the control fast. I highly recommend him.


From Paul:

I have also had excellent dealings with Bob at Imperial Heaven. He is a super guy and is good to do business with.


From Mikey:

I have bought parts from Bob on several occasions. He has been an upfront, honest, and above board as ANY parts dealer I have ever dealt with. I would rather pay a few extra bucks if the case may be to get parts from him, because I dont have to worry about the parts being what I wanted and in good condition. And no, Bob did NOT pay me to say this ! :)


From Robert Kohls:

Very good service on hard to find parts. I will deal with him anytime.


From Greg Pope (16 July 2006):

I purchased a lot of items from Bob recently (May-July 06). One of the best vendors that I have dealt with over the past 20 years. Everything as descibed, photos, pricing all excellant. He even bagged and labeled some small clips & screws that came with the items. I have no problem recommending him to anyone. I will by from him again.


From Iam (15 July 2007):

I would just like to say that with out imperial heaven my 62 imperial would be incompleat.A big thanks bob for all you done.


From Scott (23 Jan 2008):

Bob is a very good person to deal with when looking for, and purchasing, parts for your Imperial. He listed a complete Imperial interior for sale, and the pieces I bought from that interior were as advertised. You can be confident in dealing with Bob, and getting the parts you need without hassle and a good price!


From Doug Seward (8 Jun 2009):

Dealing with Bob has been a real pleasure. He produced the parts I needed and offered helpfull advise about intallation. The prices were very reasonable.Thanks forall your help Bob.


From Ray Geshke (17 Jan 2011):

I have gotten good usable parts from Bob. He sends the right part the first time. Good communication and speedy shipments!


From Anthony Scarpelli (20 Mar 2012):

Bob, is great to deal with. I have bought many Imperial parts from him over the years and I think of him as a friend


From Roy Villanueva (1 Jul 2013):

I will not be dealing with this man again, the parts were not as described and shipping took a long, long time. The shipping costs were actually much less than what I paid for. Ripped off on both accounts.


From Bill Bohaboy (18 Apr 2016):

bob is the man when it comes to old imperials, im doing a 61 and with his help a nightmare turned into a daydream. thanks Bill Bohaboy from West Virginia


From John Berk (6 Sep 2016):

site says returns accepted but good luck with that














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