List of 1956 and 1957 Columbia Highway Hi-Fi Records

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MR 1

SIDE 1: Tchaikovsky: SYMPHONY NO.6 IN B MINOR (Pathetique) Philadelphia Orchestra, Eugene ormandy, conductor.

SIDE 2: Borodin: Polovtsian Dances 1, 2, 3, 4 (from Prince Igor) a Ippolitov-lvanov: Procession of the Sardar (from Caucasian Sketches) Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra of Nev York Dimitri Mitropgulos, conductor $4.25

MR 2

THE PAJAMA GAME The last word in Broadway entertainment, this original cast version features fifteen full-length production numbers from the famous show starring John Raitt, Janis Paige, Eddie Foy, Jr., and Carol Haney $4.95

JR 3

SIDE 1: WALT DISNEY'S DAVY CROCKETT KING OF THE WILD FRONTIER featuring Fess Parker and Buddy Ebsen, orchestra conducted by George Bruno: Davy Crockett Indian Fighter; Davy Crockett Goes to Congress; Davy Crockett At The Alamo.

SIDE 2: CHAMPION (The Horse No Man Could Ride) Gene Autry.with supporting cast $3.25

CR 4

SIDE 1: ROMANTIC MOODS Percy Faith and His orchestra: I'll Take Romance, The Girl That I Marry, Carousel Waltz, The Nearness Of You, plus six other mood favorites.

SIDE 2: QUIET JAZZ Paul Weston And His Orchestra: My Funny Valentine, Betveen The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea, Skylark, Georgia on My Mind, with six more quiet jazz gems $4.25

CR 5

SIDE 1: MUSIC OF COLE PORTER Andre Kostelanetz and His Orchestra: Begin The Beguine, In The Still Of The Night, Night And Day, and five more Porter favorites.

SIDE 2: MUSIC OF VICTOR HERBERT Andre Kostelanetz and his Orchestra: Ah! Sweet Mystery Of Life, March of The Toys, Kiss Me Again, Indian Summer, plus fifteen other Victor Herbert melodies that will live forever $4.95

MR 6

PAUL GREGORY PRESENTS THE FIRST DRAMA QUARTETTE starring Charles Boyer, Cedric Hardvicke, Charles Laughton, Agnes Moorehead in Bernard Shaw's DON JUAN IN HELL directed by Charles Laughton $3.95

CR 7

SIDE 1: MUSIC UNTIL MIDNIGHT Percy Faith and Mitch Miller: Nocturne, Elaine, The River, Music Until Midnight, Contrasts, , and seven other delightful melodies.

SIDE 2: MUSIC FROM HOLLYWOOD Percy Faith and His Orchestra: The Song From Moulin Rouge, The Bad And The Beautiful, Return to Paradise, Ruby, and other hits from Hollywood $4.25

CR 8

SIDE 1: I LOVE PARIS Michel Legrand and His Orchestra: I Love Paris, Autumn Leaves, Under The Bridges of Paris, Paris In The Spring, April In Paris, La Vie En Rose, The Last Time I Saw Paris, and nine other Parisian favorites.

SIDE 2: HOLIDAY IN ROME Michel Legrand and His Orchestra:Torna A Surriento;Vieni, Vieni; 0 Sole Mio; Funiculi Funicula; and thirteen other famous Italian melodies $3.95

CR 9

SIDE 1: SOUND STAGE (Hi Fi From Hollyvood) Paul Weston and His Orchestra: Gone With The Wind, Love Letters, Duel In The Sun, The Song of Bernadette, A Streetcar Named Desire, For Whom The Bell Tolls, and six more movie-made hits.

SIDE 2: MUSIC FOR A RAINY NIGHT Paul Weston and His Orchestra: I'll Remember April, Soon, Fools Rush In, I Can't Get Started, plus eight more great musical moods $4.25

CR 10

SIDE 1: ANNIVERSARY SONGS Ken Griffin at the Wurlitzer organ: The Anniversary Waltz, Let Me Call You Sweetheart, Remember, Anniversary Song, Love You Truly, and seven other sentimental favorites.

SIDE 2: 67 MELODY LANE Ken Griffin at the Wurlitzer Organ: My Old Kentucky Home, Humoresque, Londonderry Air, Put Your Arms Around Me Honey, with fourteen more melodic pop- Classics.$2.95

CR 11

SIDE 1: COLUMBIA HALL OF FAME Percy Faith, Doris Day, Mitch Miller, Tony Bennett, .Rosemary Clooney, Les Elgart, Woody Herman, Jo Stafford & Paul Weston, Harry James: Swedish 'Rhapsody Percy Faith. Hey There, Rosemary Clooney Make Love To Me, Jo Stafford, Paul Weston The Yellow Rose of Texas, Mitch Miller Secret Love, Doris Day, Stranger in Paradise, Tony Bennett and seven more all-time hits made famous by Columbia stars.

SIDE 2: THE DANCING SOUND Les Elgart and His Orchestra: I Hadn't Anyone Till You, Love Is Just Around The Corner, Chicago, Girl Of My Dreams, plus eight other items of listening pleasure .... $4.25

CR 12

SIDE 1: FAMOUS OPERETTAS Morton Gould and His Orchestra: Lehar, The Merry Widow Frimi, The Vagabond King Kern, The Cat and The Fiddle Oscar Strauss, A Waltz Dream Kalman, Sari.

SIDE 2: SYMPHONIC SERENADE Morton Gould and the Rochester "Pops" Orchestra: VICTOR HERBERT SUITE OF SERENADES, ALBERT KETELBEY: In A Monastery Garden, In A Persian Market, In A Chinese Temple-Garden $3.25

CR 13

SIDE 1: SWING AND SWAY with SAMMY KAYE: Yes Sir, That's My Baby; Daddy; Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone; Sweet Sue, Just You; and eight more Swing and Sway selections.

SIDE 2: DREAMY MOODS Sammy Kaye and His Swing and Sway Strings: Do You Ever Think Of Me, Sweet and Lovely, Remember, Josephine, Girl Of My Dreams, and four other Kaye favorites $3.25

CR 14

SIDE 1: BLACK MAGIC Andre Kostelanetz and His Orchestra: That Old Black Magic, Our Waltz, Limehouse Blues, Easy To Love, with four other famous Kosty arrangements.

SIDE 2: MUSIC OF IRVING BERLIN Andre Kostelanetz and His Orchestra: Say It Wlth Music, Blue Skies, Always, Cheek to Cheek, Say It Isn't So, plus fourteen more Berlin classics $4.95

CR 15

SIDE 1: HOW HI THE FI - A Buck Clayton Jam Session Featuring Woody Herman: How Hi The Fi, Blue Moon.

SIDE 2: Sentimental Journey, Moten Swing. .$3.95

Mme="1947">R 16

KISMET: The famous original cast Broadway musical starring Alfred Drake with Doretta Morrow, in a full-length recording of the scintillating score full of all the hit songs loved by millions $4.95

MR 17

HOUSE OF FLOWERS: The original cast version of the Broadway hit show, with music by Harold Arlen and book by Truman Capote. you will enjoy fifteen top numbers performed exactly as they were in the theater when this long-run hit was the talk of The Great White Way ... $4.95

MR 18

KISS ME, KATE: Still another gem from columbia's fabulous catalog of original cast Broadway musicals, this one from the pen of Cole Porter. Seventeen selections sung by an all-star cast led by Alfred Drake, Patricia Morison, Lisa Kirk and Harold Lang $4.95

MR 19

Beethoven: SYMPHONY NO. 5 IN C MINOR, SYMPHONY NO.1 in C MAJOR, Bruno Walter conducting the Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra of New York $3.95

MR 20

SIDE 1: Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazade.

SIDE 2: Rimsky-Korsakov Capriccio Espagnol, Flight Of The Bumble Bee, Dance Of The Tumblers; Tchaikovsky: Capriccio ltalien, Andante Cantabile; The Philadelphia Orchestra, Eugene Ormandy, conductor.$4.95

MR 21

SIDE 1: Offenbach: Gaite Parisienne Ballet (Arranged by Manuel Rosenthal complete version) The Philadelphia Orchestra, Eugene ormandy, conductor.

SIDE 2: Chopin: Les Sylphides-Ballet. The Philadelphia Orchestra, Eugene Ormandy, conductor $4.95

MR 22

SIDE 1: PORTS OF CALL: Ravel: Bolero, La Valse.

SIDE 2: Ibert-Escales, Ravel-Pavane Pour Une Infante DeTunie, Debussy- Clair De Lune. Chabrier-Espa-na-Rhapsody. The Philadelphia Orchestra, Eugene Ormandy, conductor $3.95

MR 23

SIDE 1: Bizet: Carmen, Opera For Orchestra. Andre Kostelanetz and his Orchestra.

SIDE 2: Bravo: Andre Kostelanetz conducting the Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra of New York: Prokofiev, The Love For Three Oranges-March Tchaikovsky, None But The Lonely Heart, Toch, Circus Overture, Boccherini, Menuet Du Quintette Tchaikovsky, March Miniature Rachmaninoff, Vocalise $3.95

MR 24

SIDE 1: I CAN HEAR IT NOW Edward R. Murrow, Fred W. Friendly Edward R.Murrow, Narrator. Featuring the voices of Will Rogers, Duke of Windsor, Huey Long, La Guardia, Roosevelt, Chamberlain, Hitler, Lindbergh, Al Smith, Mussolini, Churchill, Wendell Wilkie, Eisenhower, Stalin, Thomas E. Dewey, Truman, MacArthur.

SIDE 2: featuring voices of Baruch, Babe Ruth, Tito, Vishinsky and countless other historic figures as well as on-the-spot recordings of the epoch-making events that have shaped our times $3.95

MR 25

THE GREATEST MOMENTS IN SPORTS. A priceless recording of actual sporting events and the voices of the star athletes who participated. You will hear such greats as Lou Gehrig, Babe Ruth, Jack Dempsey, Gene Tunney, Joe Louis and many others $2.95

MR 26

SIDE 1: YOU ARE THERE. (Produced and directed by robert Lewis Shayon) THE SIGNING OF THE MAGNA CHARTA June 19, 1215 (Script by Henry Walsh and Robert Lewis Shayon) as reported by C.B.S. Correspondents in the Columbia Broadcasting System's radio programs with John Daly, Ken Roberts, Don Hollenbeck, and Quincy Howe.

SIDE 2: THE BATTLE OF GETTYSBURG July 3, 1863 (Script by Micajah Wren and Robert Lewis Shayon) as reported by C.B.S. Correspondents in the Columbia Broadcasting System's radio programs with Don Hollenbeck, Richard C. Hottelet, John Daly, Ken Roberts and Ned Calmer.

Not licensed for radio broadcast $2.95

JR 27

SIDE 1: NOW WE KNOW Series (Songs To Learn By). Tom Glazer with Orchestra and Chorus: What Makes The Weather?, Why Does A Bee Buzz?, Why Do Stars Twinkle?, Why Can't I See In The Dark?, Why Are Bananas Picked Green?, How Do Seeds Of Plants Travel?, What Foods Should We Eat Every Day? PAUL TRIPP (Mr. I.Magination) with orchestra and Chorus: We Know The World Is Round, What's Inside Our Earth?, How Many Colors Are In The Rainbow?, Do Animals Talk To One Another?

SIDE 2: Hy Zaret-Lou Singer. PAUL TRIPP (Mr. I. Magination) with orchestra and Chorus: Where Does The Sun Go At Night? How Does A Cow Make Milk?, Why Is The Sky Blue?, Why Are Stars Of Different Colors?, Why Do Leaves Change Their Color?, What Is An Atom?, Molecules-Molecules, How Does Radar Work?, How Does Television Work? $2.25

JR 28

SIDE 1: THE STORY OF LITTLE CHAMP. Gene Autry with cast, Carl Cotner Orchestra. Parts I and 2; GENE AUTRY AT THE RODEO. Gene Autry with Supporting cast, Cass County Boys, Carl Cotner Orchestra (Parts I and 2)

SIDE 2: HEROES OF THE WEST Volume 1 KIT CARSON Gene Autry with supporting cast and Carl Cotner's Orchestra. JOHNNY APPLESEED. Gene Autry with supporting cast.Orchestra under the direction of Carl Cotner.(Parts 1 and 2) $2.25

JR 29


SIDE 2: PETER RABBIT. Gene Kelly with orchestra conducted by Paul Affelder SONGS FROM "WHEN WE WERE VERY YOUNG". Poems by A. A. Milne; Music by H. Fraser-Simson. Gene Kelly with Orchestra conducted by Paul Affelder. .$2.25

JR 30

SIDE 1: TIGER (Bring 'Em Back Alive) (Story adapted by peter Steele and Hecky Krasno from Frank Buck's "Bring 'Em Back Alive); FRANK BUCK Merrill E. Joels, narrator, with supporting cast. Vocals by the Southernaires. Orchestra conducted by Spencer Odom RHUMPY THE RHINO. Craig McDonnell as Rhumpy, Karl eber, narrator, with supporting cast and orchestra.

SIDE 2: SLUGGER AT THE BAT (Story by Peter Lyon and Peter Steele) (Music by Morris Surdin) with Jackie Robinson and Pee Wee Reese with supporting cast. Carl Frank, narrator HOOK AND LADDER NO. 99: Authentic fire engine sounds and story ALL ABOARD A COVERED WAGON with Mr. I. Magination, musical story. Paul Tripp as Mr. I. Magination. Orchestra conducted by Ray Carter. Children: Judith Gail Krasno, Karen Eisenberg $2.25

JR 31

SIDE 1: ROCKY JONES AND THE SPACE PIRATES: Story with Sound Effects SHIPWRECKED ON PLANET X: Rocky Jones with Supporting Cast - SPACE SHIP TO Mars: Paul Tripp as Mr. I. Magination.

SIDE 2: SKYLINER 35: Authentic sounds. $2.25

JR 32

SIDE 1: TWENTY THOUSAND LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA. Jules Verne. Adaptation, Charles Dexter Narration, Raymond Edward Johnson. $1.95

JR 33

SIDE 1: FAMOUS FAIRY TALES OF HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN. Adaptation, Charles Dexter Narration, Raymond Edward Johnson: The Emperor's New Clothes, Red Shoes.

SIDE 2: FAMOUS FAIRY TALES OF HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN. Adaptation, Charles Dexter narration, Raymond Edward Johnson: The Ugly Duckling, Princess and the Pea, Tin Soldier $1:95

CR 34

SIDE 1: MELODIES FROM BROADWAY. Lee Raine and His orchestra. Sixteen great hits from famous Broadway musicals such as Summertime (from Porgy and Bess), You'll Never Walk Alone (Carousel) and The Girl That I Marry (Annie Get Your Gun).

SIDE 2: MELODIES FROM HOLLYWOOD Lee Raine and His Orchestra. Fourteen movieland greats including such masterpieces as Cheek To Cheek, Pennies From Heaven, Let's Fall In Love and Over The Rainbow $1.95

CR 35

SIDE 1: CONTINENTAL FAVORITES Lee Raine and His Orchestra: Vienna, City of My Dreams; Pariez-Moi D'Amour; Loch Lomond; Barcarolle; and eleven more charming selections make up this melodic collection designed for reminiscent listening.

SIDE 2: AMERICAN FAVORITES Lee Raine and His Orchestra: Deep River, Home On The Range, Three O'Clock In The Morning, Tennessee Waltz, Goodnight Sweetheart, plus ten more of these immortal favorites of millions $1.95

CR 36

FOR YOUR LISTENING PLEASURE Lee Raine and His Orchestra: Dancing In The Dark, Love Is The Sweetest Thing, Flamingo, I'll Remember April, Stormy Weather, Smoke Gets In Your Eyes and twenty-five other top melodies for your listening pleasure $1.95

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