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Question from Ed ( 1964):

I have an incorrect set of wiper arms on my '64; they are supposed to screw in with a chrome bolt, but instead are similar to '66 and later which have a solid piece with NO bolt. How do I remove the arm? The '66 service manual shows a special tool that looks a bit like a wrench. Is that tool still available?

I'm assuming that they were stuck onto the original posts, but any any advice is appreciated.


From Dave:

I do not think that tool is still available. I have been trying to find one for a long time. There are many "wiper tools" on the market, - but none of them really work, - not like that one anyway. Very simple, and always worked, - and no chance of damage to the car's finish. The stuff you can get now is akward to use, and some of them will even mar the paint if you are not really careful. Most of them won't even "hold" the arm, - so it lands on your hood when it "pops" off.

Give me the old stuff.......

From John:

I'd start by spraying WD-40 or similar around the mounts.Then, try lifting the arm up away from the glass a bit so it is about level with the mount point. While holding level, try to lift it from the mount.

From Paul:

There is usually a small lever under the arm where it fastens to the shaft. If the lever is there, you may be able to pull straight up on the arm while pressing the lever (I think sideways). The arm should lift off.

Question from Don (1974):

One of my windshield wiper arms must have fallen off inside because only the driver's side works.  I looked it over and there is not a lot of room.  Any tips on getting this arm off?


From Steve:

There are small plastic press-on "clips" (I don't know exactly what they are called) that break or come undone when stress is put on the wipers. The clips (or buttons) are readily available....sometimes in the red "Help" packages in Advance and Pep Boys. Open the hood and pop off the plastic grilles that prevent leaves and debris from entering the cavernous area under the windshield. You'll most likely see that one of the wiper drive arms has fallen off. I removed both wiper arms off of the splined shafts....then removed the bolts that held the splined shafts...then removed everything and installed all new clips. I think there were 3 or 4 of them. I replaced them all when I was in there...and squeeze the arms onto the clips/buttons with channel lock pliers. It is not a hard job...but requires lots of patience, arm twisting and a few beer breaks. Putting a dab of grease on each pivoting connection is optional.

From Rob:

I believe they are considered "bushings". They were available new from Chrysler dealer. I paid about $6 for the 4 of them. I doubt the Imperial is much different, but I'm not sure. I also used channel locks. I do remember that to change all of them, you had to disconnect the linkage at the motor, attach them all, then hook the motor back up. Not too hard but it took awhile.

From John:

The top of the dash removes for servicing below in case you didn't already know that.  Perhaps you can access them through there.

Follow-up question from Don:

So after removing all the linkage and splined shafts I reassemble them outside the car and then work them back in as a unit, then hook back to the motor?

Reply from Steve:

I'm fairly sure that there is no way to install the whole thing in at once. The pass-side splined shaft will have to have the connecting arm attached to it...then that assembly gets installed. Then install the drivers side...(maybe I didn't have to take the drivers-side splined shaft out?)..then the long connecting arm gets channel-locked to the drivers side. I wish I remembered more about the sequence on how it comes apart. I did it thru trial and error...and if I can figure it out, anyone can. This is important: Note which way... in or out...that the "bushings" are facing when you replace them. If you install 'em backwards by not noting which way they were facing, it makes for a very long night figuring out the puzzle. Been there...done that. 'Might want to mark the arms too.

Question from Stan (1981):

Does anyone know where I could get a part number for the wiper arm clips that hold the passenger side arm on the assemble, mine have broke on one of my cars and from looking at these rumber/plastic pieces it would look like one should be able to get them....


From Dave:

Try the dealer. Ask for part number 3799089. Cost is $2.70 each. These are also available aftermarket, - "Au-ve-co" lists them as part number 14858, and a box of 25 would probably be about $2.70 (just guessing). "Auveco" makes a myriad of clips/clamps/screws/fasteners etc for the body repair industry. They do not sell to the "general public", - but you can call 1-800-354-9816 and find the name of the dealer nearest you who will.

From Mike:

I bought some at Carquest. There were 2 in a package for $2 and it takes 3 per car: 1on the passenger side and 2 on the driver's side. They are easy to install- they just press in place.

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