Windshield Wiper Blade Repair Information For Your Imperial

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Question from Currell (1953):

Does anyone have a good source either for the blades or inserts for a '53 Imperial? I would assume the standard Chrysler for '53 uses the same.


From Paul:

I have been cutting my own refills for the last five years. It is much cheaper, and lots easier to find. I buy the 20" refills and cut them down to fit the car that I am making them for. I just did a set for the '62, we had some rain, and they worked perfectly. I made a set for the '55 back in 1998 and they work great too. Your '53 wipers are probably much like those on the '55 so I don't think you would have too much trouble.

From Roger:

AMOCO still makes the 12 inch blade. It is no longer in chrome but a brushed aluminium color. The insert will fit in your chrome cover with no problem. You can find the blades at Car Quest. They are still in stock in our area. I would think they are in stock in your area.

Question from Frank (1961):

I was wondering what people are using for replacement wiper blades on 60-63's. Last year at this time I was caught in a thunderstorm while on the highway. The windshield wipers scratched a perfectly good windshield, arrrggghh! . It seems the blades were too narrow for the holders and sort of rock back and forth, the angle of the blades allowed part of the metal holder to contact the glass. I would like to use the original chrome arms that came with the car but I can't seem to find blades the correct width for these arms. Replacing the whole arm with the plastic ones they sell would would look wrong IMHO. The guy at the auto parts store was no help. Does anyone have a part number for the correct blades ?


From Dave:

I use the original blade with a replacement rubber insert.

From Philippe:

As you know I live in France and understand that it's more difficult to find either wiper blades or (plastic) wiper arm for US cars. I never have a problem with blades for my Imperial (or my 96 Rdm) because I buy a complete set of European wiper arms (those with plastic arms), I remove the rubber blades with their metallic guide and install them on the original arms. I did this 2 months ago for my Imperial because I installed a set of ('60) Imperial arms. I found w/o problem 18" (or rather 45 cm) wiper arms with the correct width.

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