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Question from Larry (1982):

Does anybody know how the garage door opener works, what voltage feeds the transmitter?? I could use a volt meter!! Just thought somebody has worked with the circuit, it doesn't seam to be in the wiring diagram for the Y model!! Maybe I can replace the transmitter with one for my opener, and fit it in the visor !! That would be neat. If the voltage is 12 volts It could be dropped to 9 volts then I can use a provided opener remote unite.

Reply from Dick

I think if you find the wiring for the vanity mirror circuit in the driver's side visor, you'll find out that the garage door opener runs off the same 12
volts as everything else in the car. Bob Harris had some NOS garage door opener receivers for sale at one time, I don't know if he has any left, but if he does, you're best bet is to install one of those on your garage and leave the car as is. You really are asking for trouble if you try to drop
the 12 volts to 9 volts with a resistor. This will only work if you know the current drain is constant, or if you waste beaucoup power by dropping through a power resistor to a monster Zener diode, or if you build a 12 to 9 volt converter type power supply for it. Anyone of these solutions will be about the size of a pack of cigarettes when you are done, and you'll need the services of an EE to design it for you (and I am retired!).

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