Some Getting Started Tips on Repairing Your Imperial's Radio

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Tip from Greg:

If you are technically inclined and want to attempt to repair your own radio, I have a tip for you. The schematics for the 50's through 70's Imperials are available from the Howars S. Sams Co. You need the master index to find the correct volume for your radio, I get the master index free at the local electronics wholesale store (not Radio Shack).  Then I go to the public library and copy the schematic.  So, then the fun begins. Hope you can use this tip.

Follow-up from Simo:

I would need the schematics to 67 AM/FM Touch-Tuner radio. What is "master index"?  I have found information from the radio as follows: SER.NO 8W-05191,  Mopar  mod. 419 and from the inside of the cover: Delco Radio Div. G.M.C. Kokomo,  Indiana 7291768 Could anybody help me getting the schematics?

Answer from Greg:

The Sams master index gives the publication number that has your schematic. These publications are arranged by date lower number are older and higher numbers are newer. Most of the late 50's and all 60's auto radios are in the AR series of books ( bound volumes by date) earlier radios were in the regular Sams series. (AR is short for auto radio). The radio you have is one built by guess who, Delco of GM, Chrysler never did have a electronics division capable of manufacturing a good auto radio, They used various outside sources, Motorola, Automatic, Delco to name a few. You might try the web I haven't tried this myself or leave them a E- mail requesting a master index.

Answer from Joe:

I used to do some radio repair work. I looked up the model 419 in my 1977 Sams Master index. You need Sams AR-43 which is a book of Auto Radio schematics and parts lists. Several different manufacturer's radios are covered in each book. Although my index is old, it will still be accurate. As someone mentioned earlier, a public library might have a copy. Otherwise, it may still be possible to order a new copy here from a dealer/wholesaler of TV parts.

Question from John:

Would like to know if a '64 Imperial radio would fit a '61?

Reply from Arran:

No, the 64' Imperial has a different dash from the 61' so it likely won't fit. Aside from that it is a different radio with a different circuitry. The 64' Imp radio is totally solid state whereas the 61's radio is a hybrid with tubes in it.

Question from Bobby:

What differences would I run into if I were to attempt to install an AM/FM radio from a '66 in my '64? Would I have to do any damage to my dash or would it fit the same holes as my current AM with foot control? I really do not want to damage my really nice condition dash, as you can well imagine but it would be nice to pick up a non-talk format station for a change.


From Chris:

Hope you've been enjoying your '64. The radios of 1964 and 1966 were quite different. There is a slim chance a 66 AM-FM will fit into the 64 AM slot. First thing to do is measure the distance between the center point of the knobs of each radio. If the same, your chances become much better.

If not, you can have your AM rebuilt with hidden FM receiving capability. Various vendors who do that are listed in Hemmings.

From John:

The radio won't fit. The am-fm radio requires changing the front dash section as the knobs are closer together then on the am.

Question from Robert:

I have a Mopar Model 357 AM/FM radio. I was told that it is for a '64 Imperial, however it doesn't look like it will work. Anyone know the model number for the AM/FM for this car? Also, what does a model 420 fit?

Reply from Chris:

The AM/FM radio requires a different face plate than the standard AM model. It's knobs are spaced closer together. It also does not have the seek and search feature of the AM.

As for fitting other models, it is the same radio used in senior GM cars in 1964. I had the exact same one in my '64 Riviera.

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