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Question from Mel ( 1959):

I want to overhaul the radio I have for my '59 LeBaron. It is a mopar model 329 with foot controls (made by Philips). Upon checking the repair section I see that schematics are available from Howard W. Sams. I have never heard of Howard W. Sams and my attempts to find a website were unsuccessful. So the question is how can I get a schematic and is there anything else I need (other than a good repairman when I am not successful)?


From Dick:

Sams is the main source of this information, and has been in business since the invention of dirt. They are also very nice people, with an excellent research department. Contact them at:

From Philippe:

I think it's rather a 929 radio. The 929 (Philco) radio is the '59 Imperial radio.

From Arran:

I would also recomend having a look through the Nostalgia Air archives at .

Your radio might be too new to be listed but it doesn't cost anything to search or download a schematic from there. I am guesing that what you are looking for is a Sam's Photofact schematic of a MoPar model 329 radio. In reality the set was probably manufactured by Motorolla or Bendix but I would stick with the MoPar number in your search. You might also try removing the radio's lid and looking underneith, some had a schematic pasted on the inside of the box.

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