How To Repair and Diagnose Problems with Your Imperial's 8-Track Tape Player 

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Question from Neal (1964):

Were 8-track players offered in 1964 Imperials?

Reply from Bill:

The 8-track offered by Chrysler for 1968 Imperials was mounted under the dash. I believe that it was a dealer installed option, but not sure of that. The face of this unit has a bronze inlay, which matches the bronze on the dash. It is my understanding that it would work with any Imperial radio offered in 1968, Am, AM/FM, or Stereo Multi Plex. I have three of three of these, but only one installed in a car.

Question from Phil:

Finally got around to replaceing the factory eight-track in my 82 Imperial with an appropriate factory radio from an 86 Fifth Ave. What did I find when I removed the trim bezel? Anti-theft screws on an eight-track! I was surprised that an eight track was ever put in an 82; I recall being embarassed after buying a new 78 LeBaron with an eight track.

Anyway, the screw heads are tapered and have three round detents on the outside which obviously provide traction for a special socket. Are sockets still available for these or should resort to screw extractors?

Reply from Larry:

I had the same problem in my '82. I had to use a Dermel tool to cut a slot in the head and then used a straight slot screwdriver to remove them. I needed to remove the radio to replace the drive belt for the tape player. The screws can be replaced with regular headed fasteners, found at Ace Hardware.

Question from Rann:

I have looked everywhere for 8 tracks, and people just look at me like I have lost my mind when I ask. The player still works and I have one 8 track, but how many times can I listen to one tape!


From Gavin:

Go to, and in the search field type in "8 track tapes" . There are tons of them up for auction. I have purchased several 8 tracks in this manner and have had good luck finding some great artist.

From Mark:

I have a '73 and my 8-track works great. I have tons of them I pick up for a dime each at thrift shops. Some have hardly been played.

It's a lousy sound medium, but if you want to keep your car original, it's the way to go. I'd let you have the whole collection including the very nice case I found, but they are part of the package for my '73 that I have to sell (bad health).

Try thrift shops--sometimes they sell by the box--if they have flutter, they're no good. Toss the crap and keep the good ones and you'll have cheap, authentic tunes.

From George:

You should check pawn shops and yard sales. I bought a sack full of new 8-tracks at a yard sale for .25 each

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