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Qeustion from Rickard (1955):

I have a question regarding the windshield washer. It seems to be operated with a foot pedal but it is stuck. Does anyone have an exploded view of this pump and how do I remove the little round pedal from the shaft in order to remove the pump?

Reply from Gary:

The foot operated washer is simply a two piece aluminum stamping with a flexible diaphragm trapped between the two halves. The forward stamping (or shell) has a barbed hose nipple. A hose connects this nipple to a similar nipple found on the check valve which is inserted in the top of the flexible washer bag located on a bracket which is in turn attached to the driver's side hood hinge. The shaft with the "little round pedal" is attached to the diaphragm so that when you press on the pedal, the diaphragm causes fluid to travel up to the check valve and through the other hose (attached to the check valve) and through the "squirters". There is what is called a "hairpin" on the back side of the pedal. Just pull the hairpin sideways using needle nose pliers, and the pedal can easily be removed from the shaft.

Question from Steve (1960):

I have a 1960 Imperial that has a formed plastic washer fluid tank. Beneath this is a rusted out "coffee can" looking vacuum chamber. Is this correct?? Is there a source for the vacuum chamber or the plastic fluid tank?

My 1962 Imperial has no washer system in place at all. Does anyone know if this is the same as in the 1960. Strangely enough, the FSM seems to show the "Jiffey Jet".


From Bill:

The '60 is a one year only model (How Chrysler!), and was a problem from the get go. It was vacume operated, and would often break in very cold weather. I had it on my '60 Conv. And tried to get it fixed. Jeff Carter had said he never saw one work, had one and got it to sort of work, but not well. I know my '63 was a "Jiffy Jet" system, and it worked fine.

From John:

The can in the '60 below the plastic tank is correct. The can is a vacuum reservoir. The '62 has a bag with an electric pump mounted just below the bag.

Follow-up question from Steve:

Thanks for the help. There appears to be several things on the 1960 that are 1 year only items. I suppose that this could be traded out for something else that would work, but what. Does the Jiffy Jet system use an electric motor under the bag? If so, do you have any idea where to start looking for these items. My 1962 has some wiring near by, which I always thought went to some motor for the washer. Maybe some modern unit could be applied.

Reply from Kenyon:

Check Buicks for 1960. They were outfitted with an almost identical washer box and motor. The motor atop the box has an additional vacuum fitting or something, but they are around and close enough to pass most folk's eyeball test.

Jiffy Jet is not correct for these cars.

Getting your current system to work may require a rebuild and fabrication of parts like gaskets.

If you can get it in and looking good, a rag and windex in the trunk may make up for its inoperation.

Reply from Chris:

The "Folger's can" is a vacuum canister and needs to be completely airtight to function. If you have a vacuum line attached from the can to the manifold you will have a serious vacuum leak. The washer system will not function without vacuum from this canister.

You can likely swap out an electric washer system from a 1961-64 Chrysler or '61-'66 Imperial. Another idea is to use the same 1960 white plastic fluid reservoir and mount the electric pump motor where the vacuum canister is. (Or hidden below the canister to maintain a semblance of stock appearance.) You will need to change out the wiper switch, or mount a separate on/off switch elsewhere to operate the washers. (The washer button in the 1960 wiper switch is a mechanical vacuum actuator switch. In 1961-on it is electric.)

Reply from John:

While the can is '60 only, its not Imperial only. You shouldn't have too much trouble finding one. The first place I asked had one & most of the original paint is still on it. I think I paid around $20 for it. With this system, when you press the the washer button, the wipers come on automaticly. There is also a coordinating switch under the dash, about right of the ash tray that goes bad. These show up frequently, but some try to get $$$ for them. If you decide to hook it up, its a good idea to get new vacumm lines, since there are so many with this system & when there is a leak, it causes rough idling.

Question from Ken (1966):

With it starting to rain here I decided to redo my windshield wiper and washer system. But, I need the little plastic "t" that connects the hose from the tank to the washer outlets. I don't know what to ask for at a parts store if they even have anything like that. Should I just try to find a good one off of some our parts cars? Do they make a metal one? I know the plastic one will eventually dry out again and need replaced. 


From Mike:

Look in your local pep boys/autozone/napa...etc. They will have a section with all sorts of plastic T's. You should be able to find a replacement. Buy new hose while you're at it- the old hose is likely dry and hard, which will cause you to either break the new T (they're somewhat delicate) or else leak. I know from experience.

I've never seen them in metal, unless maybe you went to Home Depot in the plumbing isle...they might have barbed connectors there, but they will probably be too large.

From Ken:

You can find the little T's in brass at your local pet shop, in the aquarium section.

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