Windshield Wiper Park Mechanism Repair Information For Your Imperial

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Question from Randy (1965):

Last night I had the opportunity to use my windshield wipers for the first time since I re-assembled my car. I have a problem in that the passenger side wiper does not park properly. The driver's side wiper parks exactly flush with the cowl. The passenger's side wiper parks about three inches above the cowl. Any ideas on how to remedy this situation?


From Chris:

Imperials of this era are notorious for uneven parking of windshield wipers! Plus, they are known to park in different positions depending of when in the cycle you turned them off. Sometimes they park evenly on the cowl, sometimes one is sitting a few inches higher on the windshield.

From John:

Make sure that the drivers side is in the rest position. Then carefully pull the Passenger arm off the spline. Reposition the arm over the spline and press the arm back on the spline. There is a tool to pull the wiper arm, if you have difficulty. You might have to do it twice and it might still be wrong because the windshield is not wet. Wet the windshield and watch the action.

From Norm:

Lift it off and re-place it. There is a tab under the arm on 65 and later cars. Push it as you lift and it will unlock the arm. This is a very simple fix.

From Don:

Before you move wipers around, try this: with the wipers moving try to turn off the switch when the wipers are in the lowest position (cycling between going down and returning to wiping up). They both then should park evenly. Been there done that on 3 of my cars-some kind of park mechanism quirk!

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