How To Repair the Sheet Metal Body Seams on Your Imperial

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The factory sheet metal body seams on older cars under restoration, always seem to be swelled or distorted. This is due to age of the seam, corrosion or acid contamination of the lead over time.

The usual repair for these poor lead seams is to melt them out, and re-lead the seam. The problem is this; Unless you are an expert metalman, re-leading seams may be not only difficult, but the repair may be flawed. If you merely block sand the swollen lead seam and paint the car, you will find paint surface deformity as the old lead seam continues to shrink after your car is painted.

An excellent fix, is to melt out all of the lead from leaded seams in the body, then using a water-proof two part polyester filler, (containing 100% ground aluminum powder) fill the void, block sand and prime. This is replacing metal with metal, and results in a more stable repair with no fear of poor adhesion to the metal, and possible acid leaching into the paint. As a bonus, this system is very easy do, and the results permanent. I use ALL METAL polyester filler, but there are several 100% aluminum fillers on the market. Unlike “BONDO”, all metal filler are waterproof, since they contain no talc. (which absorbs water readily)

There are many modern products we can use in the restoration of our cars that result in a better restoration, than using the old “original” methods.

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