How To Repair Your Imperial's Disc Brakes

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Question from Dale (1967):

Have a wonderful '67 Crown Imperial 4DRHT.  After having been garaged for a number of years, I started to drive it recently until the front discs failed earlier this week. The brake rebuilding guy says the caliper cylinders have to be bored and fitted with stainless steel sleeves. At considerable expense. ($350.00 per caliper; $700.00 total) Need a less costly alternative. Any suggestions?


From Demetrios:

If the bores of the caliper are shot, the stainless sleeves may be the only option, if you are to use the same calipers. However, this will be a complete fix and your calipers will probably never give trouble again, even if there are long times of inactivity. Another possibility is if you can find some old calipers and have those rebuilt. Hopefully, the bores will not be scored, and all they need is just replace the rubber parts.

To all of us with Budd brakes ('67-'69). The worst you can do to these brakes is quit driving the car. So, don't just leave your car parked for weeks or months at a time. Instead, try to find a way to drive it once every 2 weeks at least, and give your brakes a good exercise when you do drive it.

From Carl:

Go to Kragen and order A1 Cardone unloaded calipers, part# 184479 and #184489, they are $139 each, remanufactured Budd calipers. I have a set right now.

You can get the slightly more expensive Bendix calipers, part numbers are R55708 and R55709 for left and right hand sides.

They are $142 each, don't know the difference between them other than that these ones have a 1year replacement warranty and the A1 Cardone ones have limited lifetime warranty.

Question from George (1967):

Are the disc brakes from a '69 Plymouth Fury interchangable with a '67 Chrysler? The Fury has the big single piston design, the Chrysler has Budd brakes. Mostly, I want to know if the discs are interchangable. They appear to be about the same dimensions.


From Phil:

My book says '69 won't work.

From Pete:

No can do. Everything is different between the Budd system and the sliding caliper setup. The '69 setup is a good find, though, because you can use the '69 parts to convert the '67 Chrysler to a system that has better parts availability.

Question from Robin (1972):

Anyone know if the '72 Imperial shares front disc brake pads with any other Mopars?

Reply from Elijah:

The pads are shared among '70-'73 Imperials. The pads are D39, which are available at virtually any auto parts store for less than $20 per pair.

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