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Question from William(1967):

Where can a person find brake pads for their '67 Budd disc brakes?


From Arran:

If it were me I would take a pair of the old Budd pads into the store and compare it to the other ones in their picture book. Maybe one could up with a substitute to the pads, much like what was done with the Supra rotors. By the way, what do the Supra pads look like? Since the rotor's are similar are the sizes of the callipers?

From Aeryn:

I went to the local NAPA and they were able to lookup the original "profile"(?) in an oder book and get the deminsions and varify that the '76 Volare Front Dixk Brake Pads were of the same profile as the rear Disk Brake Pads as our '75 Imperial except for the flange difference.

From Clay:

I don't know if I was just lucky, or what, but,yes I ordered and received an actual set of D-10 pads from Bumper to Bumper Auto parts. There is a few of these stores in the Minnesota area. I don't know if they are a national chain. The cost was 19.95 for a set. The gentleman behind the counter said he could get them anytime.

From Ronald:

I bought 3 sets from NAPA last year.

Question from John (1967):

Recently there was mention of the correct part number for the pads on '67-'69 Budd front disc brakes. Apparently some stores list the wrong pads. I just ordered rebuilt calipers and purchased D85 pads as per their computer listing. I am planning on doing the brakes this weekend and was hoping someone might be able to verify that I have the correct pads.


From Brian:

D-85's are '70 and up(some late '69's too). You need a D-10 pad for the budds. If you ordered the calipers from the same place, you probably got the later style also, not the Budds.

From Kerry:

Therein lied the problem. Most stores that list the pads list them as D85s instead of D10's. Those that list D10's ship in the D85's. Some of those that say they can get them actually cannot. Aren't computers wonderful????

Again, I'd like to know where someone ACTUALLY bought and received the D10's. My source has a limited supply and we don't think they are being manufactured any longer. Your current pads can be relined but it's very expensive. A guy on the Imperial List had some done and they were about 50 bucks a set. Frank Mitchell apparently bought a bunch because he puts them on Ebay. He used to start the auction at 10 bucks and one of the IMLers bought a set for 10 bucks. His most recent auction starts at 29.95 plus 7.50 shipping. (makes mine look cheap).

From Tony:

You can get the D-10 pads through special order at Advance Auto parts or maybe even an Auto Value supplier... I have 5 spare set as I wanted to make sure that I hade enough for the future! If you shoudl need a set LMK and I will help you out if I can.

Question from Robin (1972):

Anyone know if the '72 Imperial shares front disc brake pads with any other Mopars?

Reply from Elijah:

The pads are shared among '70-'73 Imperials. The pads are D39, which are available at virtually any auto parts store for less than $20 per pair.

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