Brake Drum Puller Information For Removing Your Imperial's Brakes

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Question from Jeff (1956):

What does this brake drum puller look like and how do I go about getting one? Does anyone on the list have one that they might be willing to lend/rent out at some point?


From Anthony:

It is call a jub puller. I borrowed mine from a local repair garage. I think whitney has one for around $70.00 . I do not know how good it is Other places 130 to 200. See if you can find an old garage around who might be able to lend you one and show you how to use it.

From Paul:


You should be very careful with these pullers. They can (and will)develop stress cracks. If the puller should bust while you are using it, it can be very dangerous.

You must use the correct puller on those cars or the axle can be seriously damaged.

I am currently looking for a new one myself. Mine cracked when we were using it to pull the rear drums off of my '56 Imperial a couple of weeks ago. It was over 10 years old, but I had only used it three times. In the meantime we rented one from the local tool rental shop.

From John:

You are very correct in that these pullers can & do break. I rented one about 13 years ago to pull the drums on my 60 & one of the legs broke & flew about 20 feet from where the car was. Fortunately, I was standing to the side & it missed me.

The correct type of puller is called a hub & drum puller. This type attaches to studs that hold the wheel on as opposed to the type that hook to outer edge of the drum. If you use the type that hooks to the perimeter of the drum, the drum well separate from the hub rendering it useless as I found out the hard way. I have since purchased the correct type from Mac Tools & paid about $125.00 & have had good luck with it.

From Steve:

Don't waste your time or money on the J.C. Whitney version. I spent an entire week on one drum with the Whitney puller. I tried heat.. I tried cold.. I tried cussing and throwing things.. the drum never came off and the Whitney puller broke apart. I bought one one e-bay and the drum was off in less than a minute.

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