1974 & 1975 Imperial Rear Disc Brake Information

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1974 and 1975 Imperials used a four wheel disc brake system.  In application, this system typically works very well.  However, since the '74-'75 Imperials were the ONLY products of Chrysler Corporation to use this system, finding parts, especially brake pads, can be a challenge.

Steve suggests:


The pads for the rear of  '74-5 Imperials are readily available in autoparts stores for about $15 per set. The part number is D-93. The lower-metal lip has to be ground-down slightly so as not to contact the hub. I would strongly suggest using organic pads rather than metallic, since the organic ones wear easier on those impossible-to-find rear rotors.

Dale suggests:


For those in need of rear brake pads for this era Imperial, the front brake pads from a Volare or Aspen can also be used. I installed these on my '75 Imperial. There was one minor adjustment to the pad - can't remember exactly what I needed to do but I do know it was a very minor tweak. Inexpensively priced and available at most parts stores. Just another option to keep in mind.

Question from Matt:

Just got my '75 out of garage after about 6 weeks and rear brakes I think on right only seem to drag. A metal to metal sound. Does it sound like pads or another prob.? It is a 93000mile car with original rear pads. I have new pads if I see they need replacing.

You can hear sound at the stop or on hard braking. Wanted to get some advice tonight before we take apart tomorrow...

Reply from Don:

It sounds like it is probably your pads.  I imagine the 74-75 brakes are the same, so make sure and check that the parking brake is releasing all the way and that all hardware is hooked up for them.  You will have to remove the rotor for this as the parking brake is actually a drum brake inside the rotor.

This summer, my '74 had dragging brakes, hard stopping and it made grinding noises.  My calipers were frozen and not letting the pads release all the way.  To free them up, I compressed them and then put a 2x4 in the caliper and hit pedal, collapsed it again over and over to sort of exercise them.  It worked well, but I felt uncomfortable with them and eventually replaced them.  I hope your rotors are good as I hear they are no longer available.

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