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Voltage  Field Current Cut Out Relay Gap Current Voltage Regulator Gap Current Setting Voltage Setting
6Volt 1.6-1.7 A .033 .050@6 51A 7.3V
12 Volt 1.1-1.3 A .033 .050@13.4v 35A 14.5V

NOTE [Not every source agreed on the 6v - vs. - 12 v car operating voltage.  Other than that, the above specs were listed for setting the voltage regulators of generator equipped cars 1954 - 1960. Additionally, there was no agreed year given for the switch from Generators to Alternators.]



See NOTES on regulator setting and amperage ratings

Year  Field Current Current Output Voltage Output Point Gap Air Gap
1961-63 2.4-3.4 A 35A Std-40A hd 13.4-14.6 V .014-.016 .048-.052
1964-71 2.3-2.7 A 35A Std-40A hd 46 AC 13.4-14.6 V .015 .050

NOTES: Voltage Regulator set after engine is fully warmed up and lights and accessories on to stabilize regulator temp. When setting regulator, lights and accessories turned OFF. Some prefer to set with accessories on, especially if vehicle sees extended in town and idling usage, or frequent starts and stops.




0 deg.  25 deg. 50 deg. 75 deg. 100 deg. 125 deg. 140 deg.
14-14.6 13.9-14.5 13.8-14.4 13.7-14.3 13.6-14.2 13.5-14.1 13.4-14.0


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