Imperial Turn Signal Switch Repair on the Telescoping Steering Wheel

by Ken Miller


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(note - this is the switch in my 64 Chrysler [equipped with a tilt/telescoping steering wheel].  I don't know which other Chryslers or Imperials use this same switch.  If you know, please let me know and I'll add that information.)


Pictures and text by Ken Miller, Portland, Oregon.  Feel free to use these in any way. 

This is the turn signal switch. To open the switch for repair, bend the tabs gently. The trick is to bend the tabs enough that the Bakelite switch housing can be removed from the metal holder using a little force. Bend the tabs enough that the unit will separate with slight pressure from a screwdriver. Don't worry if you scrape a little of the Bakelite. With the tabs just barely open, they won't break. Also, re-assembly will be much easier. 
Before actually separating the pieces, place the wire connector socket face down. If you don't do this, many small pieces (including some very small ball bearings) will go all over the place! 
Here is the top of the switch with the metal bracket removed. Note the tiny ball bearings. They just sit there in a channel. I only had three on my switch as the Bakelite had worn away on the lower left side. 
Here is the inside of the switch. You will want to clean it with whatever you find works best. I used a little steel wool and contact cleaner. Note the depressions in the brass contacts. I used a little sandpaper to smooth them out a bit.
Here is the slider. When you reassemble the switch, you need to start with the slider in this position. To hold it in place, you need a support for the slider-rod to stick through. I punched a hole in an Altoids box. To assemble, first put the little springs in the slider holes. Then position the contacts as shown. Now, place the metal bracket on top of this unit and press them together. You may have to remove the slider from the holder to get them to snap together. Bend the tabs back to lock everything together and you're done. 



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