The 354 Hemi (1956)

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We have two articles posted about the early hemi.  One entitled, 50 Years of the Hemi and the other is Early Hemi Spotter's Guide, both appeared in the November, 2001 edition of Hot Rod magazine.   Both are very informative and a good read for all car enthusiasts who are interested in the early hemis.

Here are some websites that we think will be useful to all you owners of 1956 Imperials that have the 354 Hemi engine.  These websites have content which pertains to your engine, but maybe not your body style.  We think you can gain important knowledge about your engines from these sites.  Have fun!!

The Early Hemi Registry : great website!!  An ongoing registry for early hemi owners with great facts and figures about these engines.  

Hot Heads/Power Play : EXCELLENT source for all your early hemi engine needs.  They also have an online swap meet and classified section, hot rodding information on the 354, and specifications and identification guides for all component parts for your hemi.

Hemi Rebuild : Step by step guide on how to rebuild a Hemi.

Mopar's Infamous Hemi : 354 specifications (total listing of  ALL engine numbers).  Also a good source for help and tips with your 354.

Chrysler Engine Colors: Great chart of all year Chrysler engine colors and the codes you'll need to paint your engine.

The Daimler Chrysler Official Hemi Page - Tons of information on the '50's Hemi.

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