The 400 Wedge (1976-1978)

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Here are some websites that we think will be useful to all you owners of 1976-78 Chryslers that have the 400 wedge engine.  These websites have content which pertains to your engine, but maybe not your body style.  We think you can gain important knowledge about your engines from these sites.  Have fun!!

The B and RB Engines : Good overview of the 383/ 400/ 440 and their differences.  A number of good charts with displacements, bore and stroke comparisons. 

Chrysler Engine VIN Codes : Good resource if you are trying to identify your 400.

Chrysler Engine Chart : Bore and Stroke information and all kinds of Chrysler engine information.

Chrysler Engine Colors: Great chart of all year Chrysler engine colors and the codes you'll need to paint your engine.

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