The 440 Wedge (1966-1978)


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Read the February, 1972 Master Technician Service Conference booklet concerning Chrysler engine performance facts and fixes .

Here are some websites that we think will be useful to all you owners of 1966-77 Imperials that have the 440 wedge engine.  These websites have content which pertains to your engine, but maybe not your body style.  We think you can gain important knowledge about your engines from these sites.  Have fun!!

440 Engine History : engine history 

B/RB Decoding : If you want to decode your 440, this is the place to do it!  Also has the numbers for all the engine components.

440 Conversion : Read how one guy converted his slant 6 Dart to a 440.  Some really good technical information!

Glenn's Charger Pages : See a 440 being overhauled.

Mopar Mailing List Archives: Engine colors and paint codes.

Elijah's 440 Engine Rebuild: Read the story and see lots of great pictures from Elijah's engine and transmission rebuild project.

Chrysler Engine Colors: Great chart of all year Chrysler engine colors and the codes you'll need to paint your engine.

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