Colors Of Your Imperial's Valve Covers

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Question from Anthony (1956):

On a 56 354 Hemi, are the words Chrysler Firepower that are across the valve covers the same silver color as the covers or are they black or red?


From Mike:

Even though it might be tempting to highlight the lettering in black, originally they were painted all silver, as seen in this picture of Tony Bevacqua's car.

From Paul:

The 1956 factory edition would be silver valve covers with black ignition wire covers. The words Chrysler Fire Power are not highlighted in any color.

I have seen some '56 Imperials with chrome valve covers. This is not listed as an option in the literature, but I know for a fact that these were factory original cars. Coincidently (or maybe this is a clue) all of the cars that I have seen with chrome valve covers had factory air conditioning.

Question from Kle (1969):

Does anybody know the correct paint color for the valve covers on a '69? I'm about to get new valve cover gaskets, and while they're off, I thought I might paint them.


From Dave:

The color of the valve covers would be "turquoise", - like all the other big-block Mopars of that model year.

From Mike:

The Correct color would be the earlier Chrysler Turquoise paint, as my mother bought a 1969 LeBaron back in 1971, and I still own it TODAY!!

From Elijah:

Chrysler turquoise is what you want -- any decent Chrysler dealership should be able to get it, or Year One has it for a reasonable price as well.

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