What Is The Cost Of Having Your Imperial's Engine Rebuilt


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Question from  Paul (440):

Can someone give me a ballpark price for a shop to rebuild my 440?  What would a shop charge to pull it from the car and have the block done with new parts and put it back in?  I already have the heads done, so I just need bottom end.


From Rodger:

Due to the flex of the different areas of the country, one may pay different prices for the same service (just like the cost of gas).

Contact your local MoPar club and ask the same question. In speaking with them you may find there may be a couple of guys that will pull & deliver your eng to a shop for the cost of a Saturday afternoon hamburger and BBQ.  You will also have to pay for the shop supplies they will need.

From Bob:

I just had my 1968 440 done and it cost me $1,560.00 To have it bored 30 over new pistons and new rings and a line bore and I had the crank ground and the rods had to be sized. I also had the heads done to so I can burn unleaded gas in it. When I get it back this week I still have to put it back together.

From Roy:

It depends somewhat on the current state of the engine and what you are asking for. Some shops won't deal with basket cases, are the heads back on the engine or did you plan on towing it to the shop? Do you want to be able to drive it home from the shop? Some places won't warrantee an engine that they haven't finished and test-driven. If you drive the car to a shop and get a turnkey rebuild, (they will still probably clean the heads again) it will probably be $2k or more depending on what new parts and machining is needed. If the heads are still off and you find a shop to tow the car to that will rebuild the engine using your new heads and reinstall the engine without all the Peripherals, (alternator, PS pump, radiator hoses, etc.) you could get away with less. An even less expensive alternative is to remove the engine yourself and have the work done and reinstall it, but that requires space, tools, an engine crane and stand (they can be rented) and a means of getting the engine to the shop. 

And finally, least expensive of all would be to remove and disassemble the engine and get the parts cleaned and those that need it machined and then assemble and reinstall the engine, that might get you by with less than $1k, but any mistake can cost you as much as if you got a turnkey rebuild in the first place.

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