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Question from Ron:

Are the valve covers for a 440 interchangeable with valve covers on a 413? I know this will be an easy question for most of you. I found a nice pair for a 440 and would like to get for my 413 if they will fit.


From 64Bel:

Valve covers for the big block engines will interchange, IF the number of bolt holes are the same on the cylinder head as on the valve cover (four versus six). The older 350/361/(383/413/426 engines used four mounting bolts, the later engines use six, 383/400/440. (better clamping and less leaking) Differences will also be noticed in the location and type of plug wire mounting brackets, type and location of oil fill opening, PCV valve location and style of PCV valve, heater hose clamp bracket. Some of the later covers have a different shape also.


Depends on the vintage of the 413. The bolt-pattern changed somewhere in the 413 production run, maybe as early as late '59. I remember double checking the valve covers on my '59 Crown to make sure I was buying the right gaskets. A good way to verify is to thumb thru the valve cover gasket catalogs at your local auto parts store. Fel-Pro and Detroit gasket have both the early 413 gaskets and the later 413/440 style.

From Greg:

I think they are the same. In fact 383 valve cover will fit but they don't have the brackets for the plug wires.

From Mike:

It depends on the year. If I recall correctly, the 62 and earlier 413's used a 4 bolt hole cover. In 63. Chrysler changed the design to the 6 hole style with 4 holes running along the lower side to provide better sealing. Even then, the B and RB motors are tough to seal properly for any long period of time. The gasket surfaces MUST be perfectly straight and that is hard to find after well intentioned owners go on a tightening binge. I finally gave up on my tow vehicle (77 Ramcharger with a 400 w/a torque cam) and bought the new chrome jobs. Not original but they work

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