Diagnosis and Repair of Your Imperial's Oil Pan


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Question from Charles:

I am doing some engine work and have some stuck lifter, some unstuck and come out but one falls into the engine and is in the oil pan I hope. This does not upset me as I will just unbolt the oil pan to remove it, wrong, wrong. The center link has to come off, so knowing that I am NOT to use a pickle fork I go to NAPA an buy a pitman arm puller with a 1 5/16 opening. Put it on and screw it down tight and whack it some, same process repeated. Well, I think I must be moving the right item, wrong again. The sides of the puller have pulled around the center link and are spreading as I screw and whack. This is the only size puller I can find so I must be doing something wrong here. Does the car need to be on a lift?


From Rick:

you can leave it in the pan if you are sure it went all the way down and you don't have a windage tray; this has happened to me before and once there in the bottom of the pan they will stay there, unless you roll the car at which point it becomes a mute point!!!!!

From John:

The trick I use to keep the puller arms from spreading is to clamp them with a C-clamp. Also, clean off as much grease and dirt around the puller area as you can to give puller hooks a good bite.

From John:

I've seen this done by loosening the engine mounts & jacking up the front of the engine. Be careful how the fan blade is positioned if you do it this way.

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