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Question from Will:

Has anyone swapped an engine from a '72 to a '68 if so are the mounts different and or Flywheel? I do not have access to a Hollander. What about the torque converter? Any further useful information

Reply from Phil:

A 440 is a 440, the only thing you have to look out for is whether you have a forged or cast crank. cast cranks didn't come into usage on the 440 until 1974, so a 72 440 should drop right in place of a 68 440. Just take a good look at the harmonic dampers on the front of the crank if you want to be sure. A cast crank will have a real thick damper, 4 or 5 inches wide, while a forged crank will have a skinny damper. I only mention this, if your donor car possibly had a later model cast crank 440 swapped into it, without you knowing. They'll swap as well, but you need the correct, torque converter/ flywheel to go with the engine you use. Swapping a 72 into a 68 should be no problem, cause they are both originally, forged crank engines. Mounts and everything else should be the same. You may have to swap exhaust manifolds, but maybe not even that. Keep your original 68 440 though, it has all the correct date codes for your 68 Imp. May mean a lot to someone buying it, sometime down the road.

Question from George (1964):

I became a little conserned after reading all the posts replying to to Tim's request for engine interchange info for his 1960.

I have a 1964 Le Baron which has a shot engine. I have a 1963 Imperial parts car which has a beautiful engine. My question to the experts is will the 63 fit my '64?


From John:

I believe the '63 & '64 are the only 2 years that will interchange for this application.

From Paul:

Finding an engine common to your '64 should not be a problem. That group of cars were some of the most popular Imperials ever when they were new. Also, there seems to be a glut of beat up, cheap '64 and '65 model cars on the market.

From everything that I know, there is no reason that your '63 engine will not bolt right into your '64. The problem with the older cars comes from the change in the transmission that occurred in 1962.

1959, 1960, and 1961 will interchange each other without trouble, and '62, '63, '64, and '65 will interchange. In the later group, the throttle linkage changed from rods to a cable in '64 (I think), but that should not present any significant difficulty. The '65 change from the push button shift to a shift lever should not cause any problem with the engine itself either.

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