How To Align Your Imperial's Frame

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Restoration Tip:


Checking Frame Dimensions:


You will need to find your frame dimensions, always available in the Factory Service Manual.  Diagonal measurements should be taken when aligning and straightening your Imperial's frame.


You should compare your 2 diagonal measurements and they should be within 1/4 inch of each other.


Care should be taken to make sure that any two diagonals compared represent exactly corresponding points on each side of the frame.


Minor frame alignment can usually be corrected by straightening the frame parts which have been bent, although a badly distorted frame can in most cases be replaced more economically than by attempting repairs.


Another Tip On Frame Alignment (having it done by a professional shop):

Since most auto body repair shops with have computerized equipment that will perform this repair to an exact degree, this job is probably best left to the professionals.  Remember, when picking a repair shop, get good references and check them out!!   

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