How To Maintain Your Imperial's Springs

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Tip 1:

The following components do not need to be regularly lubricated on your Imperial:

Rear Springs, bolt and shackles or any rubber bushings.


Tip 2:

It is important that spring "U" bolts be inspected a t regular intervals and kept tight to prevent spring breakage.  Tighten spring "U" blots nuts to 70 foot-ponds torque.  The spring shackles should be inspected occasionally to make sure they are tight, but not binding.  Tighten to 50 foot-pounds torque. 


Tip 3:

Front suspension height may be affected if the rear spring height varies more than 3/4 inch on one side as compared with the other side.  To check this height, measure the vertical distance from the top of the rear spring main leaf to the underside of the body frame on both sides of the car.  If these distances vary more than 3/4 inch, it is an indication that one of the rear springs may need replacing. It is normal for rear springs to show some reverse arch, even with no load, so appearance alone should not be reason for spring replacement.

Springs may "bottom" under abnormal loading conditions, particularly when road dips and railroad crossings are encountered at relatively high speeds.

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