How To Restore Your Imperial's Frame

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Restoration Tip:

If you have a frame-on-body Imperial (1926-1966) and you are interested in restoring your frame, it would be a good idea to first remove the body from the frame.  Next, the first thing that should be tackled with the chassis is cleaning the frame thoroughly.  Next you will need to cut out the rusted sections and welded in new ones.  It is a good idea to do some practicing before you start welding on frames, especially if you have no experience.  You should be able to purchase new frame sections from a variety of vendors, make sure and check out our section on "Frame Vendors."  Make sure and take lots of measurements before cutting out the rotten sections and welding in the new.   One way to do this is to cut out one piece at a time and then welding in the new section, making sure everything lines up perfectly.  Then you will need to paint your chassis, preferable with 2 coats of Smoothrite and then a coat of Waxoyl Under Seal.

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