General Diagnosis of Your Imperial's Manual Steering

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1.  Excessive play or looseness in the steering wheel

a.  Steering gear shaft adjusted too loose or badly worn.

b.  Steering linkage loose or worn.

c.  Front wheel bearings improperly adjusted.

d.  Steering arm loose on steering gear shaft.  Inspect for damage to gear shaft and steering arm.

e.  Steering gear housing attaching bolts loose.

f.  Steering arms loose at steering knuckles.

g.  Worn ball joints.

2.  Hard steering

a.  Low or uneven tire pressure.

b.  Insufficient lubricant in the steering gear housing or in steering linkage.

c.  Steering gear shaft adjusted too tight.

d.  Front wheels out of line.

e.  Steering column misaligned.

3.  Pull to one side (Tendency of the car to veer in one direction only)

a.  Incorrect tire pressure.

b.  Wheel bearings improperly adjusted.

c.  Dragging brakes.

d.  Improper caster and camber.

e.  Incorrect toe -in.

f.  Grease, dirt, oil or brake fluid on brake linings.

g.  Front and rear wheels out of alignment.

h.  Broken or sagging rear springs.

i.  Bent suspension parts.

4.  Wheel Tramp (Excessive vertical motion of wheels)

a.  Incorrect tire pressure.

b.  Improper balance of wheels, tires and brake drums.

c.  Loose tie rod ends or steering connections.

d.  Worn or inoperative shock absorbers.

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