Repair of Your Imperial's Power Steering Pulley

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Question from Travis (1973):

The pulley on my power steering pump has a bad wobble to it. It is for a 73 Imperial. Does anyone know what years and engine sizes interchange?


From Phil:

Odds are, the shaft sizes, if not the pumps themselves, are mostly the same. I expect if you look under the hoods of most late 60s-early 70's Mopars, you can find a pulley. You will need a pulley puller to remove it, if you can find a decent cheap pump with small block brackets, it may just be easier to swap your big block brackets to another pump. A 383 Monaco-Polara or other C body may be a good place to look. A little junkyard hunting may prove fruitful, and odds are probably even better, at least one person or more here has a spare pump anyway.

From John:


I think 69 or newer. The 60-68 are all basically the same. The 69 & up has a much larger spoked pulley.

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