How To Repair the Tie Rods on Your Imperial

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Question from Robin (1972):

Anyone know what the part number is for the inner tie rod end on passenger side for 1972 Imperial. NAPA gave me what their book says is the correct part number (269-2171) but it is too short and looks like the outer end. The inner is about 6 1/2 inches long to the beginning of the threads.


From Jim:

I suspect the '72 and '73 used the same tie rod ends.

The '73 Mopar passenger car parts catalog lists the part number for the inner tie rod end as 3004787 with both sides (left & right) being the same part. The outer tie rod end part numbers are 3004788 (right) and 3004789 (left.)

Maybe someone with a '72 parts book will confirm.

From Mike:

I CONFIRM....Just looked it up in my 1972 parts' catalog.

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