How To Repair the Sway Bars on Your Imperial

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Question from Jack (1973):

Has anybody ever broken a swaybar link mount on their lower control arm? It looks like it'll be able to be rewelded.


From Charles:

Yep, I broke both of mine on my '73 Dart from pothole run-ins and from running off the pavement and onto the shoulder a couple of times. I just grind the area down & reweld the mount back on.

Imperial content: I'll be starting the restoration of my '62 Crown this winter. The wife wants it ready for the road in 2 years...

From Demetrios:

Yes, on my LeBaron a few months back. It happened while making a very rapid lane change, and the car behaved real weird. I got it welded up, too.

Question from Dan (1981):

On the way home last night my Imp started making a heck of a clunking noise over bumps. I discovered that the right rear sway bar bracket that mounts to the frame broke off. How difficult is it to replace, and can the car be driven safely (but noisily)?

Reply from Dave:

You can drive safely with out it but you will have to completely disconnect the bar or car will not handle properly. From what I have read so far only J-body Imperials and the Dodge Mirada CMX version came with the factory rear sway bar. Performance Suspension Technology sells these new with polygraphist bushings. I paid $30 for the front ones on my 94 Dakota when the right one broke a few months ago. If you want to place an order their number is: 1-800-247-2288 and their web site is: or you can try to find a M-body police car and get one from it as they are the same as the Imperial.

Question from Dan (1983):

Can anyone get me the part numbers for the rear sway bar brackets for my 83? I am going to need to order them. I have a guy that can put them in for me. (There's no way I can get the old ones out - I don't have the equipment.)

I am also considering replaceing all the rubber bushings for the suspension. So far I have gotten two places to try. and

Anyone know the part numbers of kits etc??

Reply from Bob:

The rear brackets are PN 4014 708 9, 2 Straps are needed - PN 3643 506 and some nuts and screws also. I have replaced all of the rubber bushings on my '81 EFI with polyurethane, these are most acceptable, not hard to find and superior for long life.

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