Please click here for an English translation of this 1929 French magazine advertisement.




A car like nothing you've ever had.

The first time you see it gently gleaming in the show-room, its beauty and its elegance hit you. Your eyes are delighted by luxurious simplicity of all the details, such as the headlights, the door handles, the sumptuous interior accessories -- perfect luxury from all view points.

But take a Chrysler Imperial out on the road, push its powerful 6 cylinder engine, Watch the speedometer pass 100-130 Kilometers per hour (62-81 mph) without effort. No vibrations, either from the engine or the transmission. Never jolt on the worst roads -- The balanced crankshaft rides on 7 bearings -- Springs are suspended between rubber pads -- Tight, Responsive Hydraulic Brakes.

In truth, a car like nothing you have ever had -- The most beautiful of all the Chrysler cars -- Choose from the 5 marvelous models (open or closed) for from 2 to 7 passengers. Come see them in the show room.