1933 Imperial Factory and Publicity Photos

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Walter P. Chrysler's personal 1933 Chrysler Imperial CL Closed Coupe Sedan.



Another shot of Walter P. Chrysler's Imperial, custom body by LeBaron.



1933 Chrysler CL Imperial Custom Limousine by LeBaron.



1933 Chrysler Imperial CQ Imperial convertible Sedan, body by Lebaron.



19321933 Chrysler Imperial CQ Convertible Coupe, notice the "LeBaron" louvers, but this car doesn't have any of the other LeBaron trademarks.



1933 Chrysler Imperial CL Custom Phaeton by LeBaron.



1933 Chrysler Imperial factory photo by LeBaron.



1933 Chrysler Imperial Limousine



1933 Chrysler Imperial, body by LeBaron.



1933 Chrysler Imperial CL Custom factory photo.



1933 Chrysler Imperial Custom by LeBaron. This car belonged to Arkansas Governor, Winthrop Rockefeller.



1933 Chrysler Imperial.



1933 Chrysler Imperial Roadster body by LeBaron



These two pictures are also of a LeBaron bodied Imperial





1933 Chrysler Custom Imperial "8" Dual Windshield Phaeton, body by LeBaron



1933 Imperial Indianapolis 500 Pace Car, custom bodied by LeBaron



This is the same James Melton 1933 Imperial CL* phaeton that the Museum of Automobiles in Morrilton, Arkansas, formerly owned. This car was featured on their postcards.






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