Lars Karlsson's 1953 Imperial Newport

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Here is what Lars had to say about this very nice 1953 Newport:

Hi all Imperial guys.

My name is Lars Karlsson and I live in the southern part of Sweden.

I did buy this very rare Chrysler Imperial Newport from Minnesota in the summer of 2010.

The car was an Ebay find.

The car is almost 100% complete and have only 52664 miles on the odometer.

The rockers, front floor pans, and the trunk bottom are badly rusted but otherwise the car is very solid.

When I did buy the car I knew about this model as a rare car but not how rare.

Today I understand the fact this model is super rare. Looks like very very few survivers are around of the only 823 produced 1953 Newport coupes.

For me this black car looks sporty, expensive and luxurious.

The most sporty of the 1953 Imperials as they never produced any convertibles of the 53's model.

I love it


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We hope Lars shares more photos of this beauty with us soon!

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