Kerry's 1957 Imperial Restoration - part 2

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Yesterday (Saturday) was a post Christmas clean up the house day so I only spent a few hours in the shop. Installed the timing chain. MAKE SURE THE DOTS ARE LINED UP. I noticed that my timing chain is double roller on steel gears. Was that original on 74 440s?

ENGINE2.jpg (29k)

I also cleaned the pistons on a wire wheel and using a broken piston ring to clean the ring groves. I checked the end gaps on the new rings and began installing the piston rings on each piston. When I went in the house to get an old milk carton to put oil & STP in. I dip the pistons in the mixture prior to using the ring compressor and installing in block. Only time I use STP is during assembly, it makes a pretty good assembly lube. Anyway it was getting late and we decided to go to a movie (Good as it Gets with Jack Nicholson...Good Movie!)

Today is Sunday and I normally work in the shop in the afternoons but we are expecting a 'winter weather event' this evening and I expect I'll spend the afternoon preparing. I live in North Alabama near Huntsville, just south of the Tennessee line. We get snow, 2-3 times a year, usually only 1/2 to 3 inches but nearly always on a base of frozen rain. Couple that with a bunch of people who can't drive on snow anyway (and a bunch of nothern transplants who think they can) and the roads get pretty bad. Usually it's a false alarm and I hope it is because I had planned all week in the shop.

Several people commented on my shop. I admit to being a gear head and today I have accumulated a considerable tool collection. However, I spent a LOT of years on my back on gravel or concrete driveways and carports. The first time I need a tool, I usually borrow it if I can (unless it's cheap). The second time I buy it because there will probably be a third and forth time. I probably have less invested in my shop and tools than many of you have in your completed cars and for ME that's the fun, i.e. the building, not the owning. But whatever cranks your tractor...

INSHOP.jpg (26k)

SIDEVIEW.jpg (22k)

A note about the Imperial. I don't think I mentioned that the 392 and cast iron torqueflight were missing when the kid I bought it from got it. I expect some drag car has it. I love the looks of the Hemi but the 440 is, in truth, probably a better engine.

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