Kerry's 1957 Imperial Restoration - part 6

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A bad day! I have a small bathroom that I wanted to put some Parquet floor in this morning. Figured it would take about half a day and then I could PLAY! Ran out of flooring about 9 so I ran into town intending to get the floor and swing by and pick up my freshly turned rear brake drums. Not that I need them without the new shoes and seals but I just want to hold them. You know what I mean.

Unfortunately another car had different plans when they ran a stop sign right in front of me. Dumb s%*&! I tee-boned him right between the wheels of his 90 Olds Quad 4 with my 98 Taurus. I was probably down to about 30 when I hit him and strangely enough my airbag DID NOT go off ???? It probably would have hurt me more if it had as the only problem I have is a sore shoulder from the shoulder harness. The driver of the other car went to the hospital but I think he was avoiding the cops more than hurt. The other car hit a third car. The lady in it said she had seen it coming, knew they were not going to stop, and was even honking her horn at them. She also said she thought she smelled liquor. The passenger was not hurt although I don't see how. I pushed the passenger doors in at least a foot. He did not hang around either. At least no one was seriously hurt.

But it ruined my day. The Taurus is driveable but very sick. It is a company car and I'll drop it off at the dealers Monday. I have other wheels to drive. I went on to Home Depot and got my floor but forgot to get the brake drums. I'm a little 'fuzzed' so I probably won't do much today. If anything, I'll rebuild the rear wheel cylinders.

Hope everyone is having a better day than mine.

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