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How to break a transmission


When I was in DC Monday, the freight company called and said the 62 Torqueflight was at the depot. Tuesday first thing I called them and they brought it over to my office. Bob Hoffmeister of Bob Hoffmeister's IMPERIAL HEAVEN Salvage Yard had strapped it securely to a pallet and wrapped it in three plastic trash bags. It only weighted about 100 pounds so the driver and I lifted it off the truck and set it on the loading dock. I was really excited to get it home.

My son was driving my small pickup so it was either take it off the pallet and sit it in the trunk of my Taurus or wait a day or so. After some measurements, I decided it would fit so I cut the metal straps that held it to the pallet and asked a co-worker to help me sit it in the trunk. I took the bellhousing end. As soon as I grabbed the housing (remember it is wrapped in plastic) I knew I had a problem. There appeared to be a grapefruit size chunk of the bellhousing missing. OH SHOOT! I thought. (I'm being nice, I actually thought other things also)

I called the freight company back and they said I would have to file a claim. They faxed over the claim forms. I also called Bob and told him the sad news. He was inside sick but was very concerned. After several false starts and dead ends, I spoke with a lady at the trucking companies claims office. She said I had two choices. Me file the claim and they would see about some settlement in 120 days!!!!! or send it back to the shipper (Bob H) and let him file the claim. I talked with Bob and that's what we decided to do.

A few minutes later, the freight company calls back and says the claims office wants them to inspect the engine so we make an appointment for 1pm today.

I still have not unwrapped the transmission because I wanted them to see it just like it was. When the guy arrived, we pulled the plastic away and saw the whole top half of the bellhousing was broken all the way back to the pump housing. I had harbored a faint hope that I would be able to get it way!

Bob and I had discussed hoping that they would not bother to ship it back to him but they wanted to so it is as I write this on it's way back to Nebraska.

I've been very impressed with Bob during this episode. He is going to pull another 62 tranny, drain it, crate it, and send it on. He will haggle with the claim.

I expect it will take another couple three weeks before the replacement arrives. Dang!

I guess its like the bumper sticker says..."Stuff happens!" I'm just glad I'm dealing with a reputable guy like Bob.

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