Kerry's 1957 Imperial Restoration - part 20

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part 20 of ?? --December, 28 1998

Air and fins For Christmas I bought myself a new two stage 16 CFM 175PSI air compressor to replace my old single stage. It is very frustrating to have to wait for your compressor to catch up. My old 5 horse will slowly drop down from 125 to 70PSI under steady use and just hold there. The result is that I all to frequently have to stop and wait. The new one should hold 125PSI under constant use. I can't wait.

Yesterday I poured a new slab next but it was not dry enough today to sit the new compressor so I used my old one.

I also bought a 7" air grinder. I know it needs a lot of air and it does but boy does it work well. It is at least as effective as my 15 lb electric but only weights about 3 lbs.

For the past few weeks I have had a slow leak on the front which would only stay up for a day or two. It is just an old "gumball" but it is a fine shop tire. I hate to buy new tires until I know for certain what size and look I want. I decided to fix it. Mixing up some soap and water, I sprayed around the valve stem and lucky me was rewarded with serious bubbles around the stem. Easy fix. I even have some new stems. However, the old rusty wheel was more than my old manual tire changer could handle and I took it into town and gave my friendly tire shop 3 bucks instead.

I have NEARLY decided to go the custom route. While I was in town, I stopped by The Home Depot, my favorite store (stock is up 100% in last 12 months and is a stones throw from my office) and picked up a few lengths of 1/2 inch electrical conduit. When I got home and got the tire back on, I proceeded to take one of these 8 foot lengths and taped it on top of the fins. It runs from the rear peak to the center of the door. If I decide to do this, it will raise the fin about 3/4 inch and extend it 2 feet forward. Much more like the 61 Chrysler. I will also sharpen the "edge" on the back of the fin.

I spent considerable time looking at the rear and thinking about how I could do it. I'm considering a rolled pan and no bumpers. I'll probably trade my flytesweep to someone for a plain decklid.

I'd love to chop the top but may settle for taking out the "landau" and making it "flat" like a regular hardtop. Of course I'd have to ditch the chrome band but it is pitted anyway. Still thinking on the top and the front treatment.

I had some paint to take off so I pushed it outside for some sandblasting but before I did, I covered the front and rear glass with heavy aluminum foil. I used some weather-strip adhesive it works great. This should keep the welding splatter off the glass also.

Between the sandblasting and the new grinder with 24grit, I have ALMOST all the old paint off. Tomorrow I hope to get the new compressor installed and then I will finish the paint removal and continue patch panels. I'm off this week and get to PLAY!!!

I will make a decision on customizing early this week. Stay tuned.


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