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February 19, Going Topless

I took most of Friday off because my job is about to get me back in a heavy travel schedule. Here are a shot of the second bow set after I stripped the top off as well as the pile of top material. I will keep the material because sooner or later I will have to build a new top. If I cannot get anyone to sew it, I will borrow Ray's upholster walking foot sewing machine and try it myself.

2ndbows.jpg (33k)

canvas.jpg (33k)

After spending an hour trying to measure how the LaBaron top would have to be streched, I decided I was just going to do it on the car. Remember what I said about Cortez burning his ships so he could not go back...

The first thing was to pull the glass. As the IML told me, there is a rubber 'lock' in the gasket as can be seen below.

lock.jpg (33k)

bakglas.jpg (33k)

All you have to do is open up the lock and have someone to help you push the glass from the inside. Be careful, open your hands, and don't concentrate on the corner and the glass will lift out of the gasket. Then it just the hassle of lifing it out, carrying it to wherever you are going to put it, and setting it down without breaking it. Takes two people and my son was home. Here are shots of the empty frames

noglasf.jpg (33k)

noglasr.jpg (33k)

The gasket just pulls off and mine was quite good. It obviously has been replaced. The clips that hold the trim on also just slide off but may need a pick to get them moving. I keep small parts in zip lock bags and label them with a permanent marker. I got a hundred at a salvage place for about 3 bucks.

pullclip.jpg (33k)

bagclip.jpg (33k)

OK, it was decision time for sure. Did I really want to do this...Time for a beer while I reflect


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