Jay D'Angelo's 1964 Imperial Convertible

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My 1964 Imperial Crown Convertible

by Jay D'Angelo

This car was restored in Las Vegas about 6 years ago, then driven to Illinois where it sat for five years after the owner died. His son sold it to a dealer in New Jersey and that's where I got it from. The paint, ruby red, and all the chrome is near perfect. The interior is gorgeous and only needed new foam in the front seats. The previous owner had it reupholstered in vinyl, getting rid of the leather. Even the trunk had been restored properly.

Unfortunately, after it arrived and my mechanic gave it the once over, I was forced to put about 9K into it. The engine block had cracked on both sides. I ended up putting a 413 longblock in it. Of course, I had to rebuild the steering gear, PS unit, water pump, new carb, AC hoses and the exhaust system, tires, springs, shocks, brakes and drums WHEW!

However, my munlti-bucks investment is gorgeous and drives beautifully! I take it out twice a week for a few miles to Starbucks (where I can keep an eye on it) and to local cruise ins and car shows. It gets a lot of attention - nothing like it in Las Vegas, where customs and hot rods are more popular. A couple young girls drove up one day and asked what it was. I asked them to guess. They said, is it a Firebird? Ye, they had light colored hair.


Anyway, I will keep it for awhile - I have had 23 collectors cars in the last 30 years - get them nice, win a few trophies, then on to another project. We'll see how long she stays in my garage, the beauty that she is.

Jay D'Angelo

Las Vegas

This is how the car looked when Jay found it on Ebay last year. Beautiful car Jay!

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