John and Arlys Chesnutt's 1970 LeBaron

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The story of John & Arlys Chesnutt's 1970 Imperial LeBaron 2 DR HT :

We purchased our beautiful Bahama Blue Metallic 1970 Imperial LeBaron 2 Dr HT on August 10, 1979 from the original owner, the Estate of Carl L. York of Baker, Oregon. It had 42,000 miles. Carl purchased it new from Roy Burnett Motors in Portland. VIN No. YM23TOC218429, Oregon Lic. Plate: DEM776.

We needed a safe road car for our two sons to travel to college in California from Oregon. They put it to good use for five years. It is not only a safe car, but has room for six people and a huge trunk. With a white vinyl roof, it is one of the most beautiful cars on the road. It is quiet, luxurious, and a comfortable road car. The Imperial has 113,200 miles and looks like new after a repaint, new white vinyl roof, and new white leather front seats. We enjoy driving it and taking it to car shows.

Collectible Automobile - April 2006, Picture page 43

LeBaron Hardtop Coupe, 4,660 pounds, Price $6,095, Production 1,803

New for 1970, "Rim-Blow" horn. All LeBarons came with vinyl roof.


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This last picture has our 1965 Imperial Crown Coupe and David Duthie's 1964 Imperial convertible and our 1957 300C and 1965 Imperial Crown Coupe in our garage.




We hope John and Arlys will send us additional pictures of their very nice LeBaron, and also their other Imperials.


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