William Herbert's 1970 Imperial LeBaron Four Door Hardtop

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William Herbert is the proud owner of this 1970 Imperial LeBaron Four Door Hardtop.  Of this fine car, William states, "I now own this car. I know two of the former owners of this car. Since it's appearance at the 2004 Imperial meet in Chattanooga, it received a good polishing and the paint came around nicely. It really stands out, and people really do notice it. I like the car.

It actually was used today (Feb 19, 2008) I don't hesitate to use an old car in the winter if the roads are dry. Northern Ohio winters are pretty harsh so it has been mostly sleeping in the garage. There are some bugs to work out but the car is totally worth putting some effort into.

This is my first Imperial but not my first big Chrysler. I used to own two Newports of this same vintage. I hope this won't be my last. When the time comes I hopefully can add another one of these cars to my stable."

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This car was formerly owned by IML member Tony Fortner, and made its debut appearance at the 2004 Chattanooga Imperial & Chrysler Meet.

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Shown above is William Herbert's 1970 Imperial LeBaron, Elijah Scott's 1970 Imperial LeBaron, and Tony Fortner's 1971 Imperial LeBaron. Tony's 1970 Imperial is shown here beside John Shuty's 1969 Chrysler New Yorker, illustrating many of the differences between the two models. Chris Graber and Tony Fortner (in the Imperial at right) made the trip to Chattanooga from northern Ohio -- necessitating MANY repititions of the pose above!

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