Lisa Kallstrom's 1972 Imperial

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In Stockholm in Sweden you can find this cool 1972 Imperial Lebaron! My name is Lisa and in december 2007 I decided to buy my first american classic car. It was going to be a challenge; I knew nothing about old american cars and how to fix them. I only knew that I had to have one, no matter what. My plan was to learn more and, most importantly, to have fun in the process! I soon discovered that it was not as easy as I imagined but with a lot of help from my family, the car is still running.

I bought it from a car dealer in Stockholm, so unfortunately I donīt know much about its previous life, more than it came to Sweden a couple of years ago. I would love to know more about its history and my plan is to do some research in the United States.

The car is in very good condition, it has very little rust and an engine that performes well. The interior could use some fixing, the leather is dry and has crackled in some places. Everything electrical works just fine, the antenna, the seats, the windows and the 8-track player and radio. But of course there is always things that has to be fixed, it is an old car! I believe most parts are original.

This has been my first summer with the Imperial Lebaron. It creates a lot of attention everywhere it goes and many people wants to talk and ask questions. That is really funny! The longest trip I have made was to Sweden Rock in south of Sweden, a trip of nearly 750 miles there and back. I have regretted my choice of car a lot of times; the gas is very expensive, the car is huge and there is always something that has to be fixed. But I really love the attention it brings and it is funny to be a part of, and maintain, a little piece of american history."

photographer is Ellinor Bjorklund

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