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La Ballena Blanca at Big Sur

Here is what Steve had to say about his '72 Imperial Coupe:

I don't know yet what the car's real name is, Moby Dick, La Ballena Blanca, The Great White Shark, Megasperm, or Beau Dacius come to mind but haven't stuck 8-)

I hope to connect with Kenyon shortly and get his sage advice concerning the resto work going forward. As you might expect, the Monterey Peninsula has some pretty good auto repair shops, but if the expert in your model year is only three hours' drive away, why not?

As the sellers Richard and Art told me, the Imperial was purchased new at a South Lake Tahoe, CA, dealer by a "rich li'l ol' cowgirl", and driven until she could no longer do so. It was then parked outside on a ranch near Carson City, NV, where it was essentially "mummified" for many years. The desert sun roasted off the vinyl top and the headliner rotted away; the big padded dash had a crack in it big enough to hide an oven mitt. The usual leaks where the roofline meets the body, and the long-ago-disconnected Auto-Temp II system.

However, since I've owned the car I've had the tires, timing chain, carburetor, coil, ignition system, starter and power–brake booster replaced, and it's my daily driver. My dog Sophie loves "her car" -- the triple-white trim matches her fur and the giant leather sofa that is the back seat suits her well :-) It's worth the scuffs and raveled seams...

The coupe is equipped with power bucket seats, leather interior, AM/FM/8-track, Tilt-a-Scope wheel, cruise control, Sentry Signal headlights with auto-dimmer, dual Auto-Temp II with rear A/C and trunk release. Most of them work and the ones that don't are slowly being fixed.

Future plans call for a "period-custom" approach, adding those options and goodies that might have been added by the original owner in the 1970's. These include swapping out the 8-track for the famous Mopar cassette recorder, adding a modern sunroof when the top is re-done, Chrysler road wheels, and professional installation of a few interior items -- illuminated compass and altimeter, a small tach and a Mopar vacuum gauge, among others.

For the moment it's a fantastic ride, despite the gas it burns driving Highway 1 to Monterey and back. Not such a bad way to burn gas, though...

Best, Steve

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La Ballena Blanca at Big Sur

On the Ranch... The Imperial coupe on the ranch in Yarington, NV

On the Ranch... The Imperial coupe on the ranch in Yarington, NV

The original interior (note those "2001: A Space Odyssey" seat backs!)

The Rear Passengers' Couch

Left Rear Armrest & Amenities (Lighter, Ashtray, Window & Reading Light Switches)

Dual Air! The two adjustable vents survived the Nevada sun better than the package tray, because they're metal!

Passenger door detail

The Original Plates... Seventies Blue & Gold! Alas, I couldn't use them...

The Sellers... Richard, Art, me and Moby; Carson City, NV
Great people and newfound friends. We agreed to yearly "visiting rights".

The Sellers... Richard, Art, me and Moby; Carson City, NV
Great people and newfound friends. We agreed to yearly "visiting rights".

Moby in Big Sur... Out by Grimes Canyon

Moby in Big Sur... In Front of the "Wild Bird" house

Moby in Big Sur... Out by Grimes Canyon

The Prow

The Stern

The Captain's Couch

The Pilot's Controls

The Front Passenger's Couch

Ms. Sophie & Her Coach and 440

The Engine
Note the dual A/C radiators and refrigerant lines!

The Engine

The Engine

Wine & Cheese Valise, 8-Track's, and the Spare

Rear A/C Unit

Build Sheet under seat

My '72 and a '62 in Malibu

We hope Steve will send more pictures and keep us posted on his progress with this wonderful rare Coupe!

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