Steve Hutchins's 1991 Chrysler Imperial

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My parents always had Chrysler Imperials among other Chryslers while growing up. I always kept them clean and waxed. They purchased a Champagne Metallic 1991 Imperial for Mom in March of 1991, in Carthage, Missouri. I have kept it waxed and cleaned ever since. I told my parents I wanted this car when they were finished with it, since I knew it was their last Imperial. This year my father passed away, and the eye doctor told my mother she should not drive anymore. Mom called me and said to come get the car; they drove it over 16 years and put on 35,000 miles. We found out later that momís birth name was Dorothia (she went by Dorothy), so the carís name is Dorothia. Everything is original, but I did have all the belts, hoses, and plugs, plug wires replaced. There was also a transmission problem, which was addressed by rebuilding it and having a new computer put on. I had the air suspension removed and replaced by springs and struts; I was advised to have this done since I am keeping the car. I did remove the original AM/FM Cassette and replace it with a Chrysler Stereo/CD system that utilizes the Infinity amps and speakers better than the old system (I boxed the original radio to keep). The car has Mark Cross Leather which was taken care of by using leather treatment every year. The car was waxed twice a year, and the paint looks new. The engine is 3.8L and runs very smooth. I want to do something about increasing the tire size for drivability, but have to do research--I probably will just increase tire width to Chrysler specification and just get a good brand of whitewalls, since I feel the black walls are not becoming on the looks and style of the car. Someone keyed about a 6-inch swath on the side rear quarter, which I am working on repairing. The car has never been in an accident, just my mother running into the freezer in her garage one day, which did not do anything to the car (the freezer was the loser in that battle). I have always liked Chryslers, and from what my Dad had over the '50s, '60s and '70s up to the present, according to Barrett Jackson Auto Auction, from the sales of Chrysler products he would be a millionaire if he had kept themÖoh well life goes on. The car now resides with me in Raleigh, NC.


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